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  1. Here is a copy of an invoice/receipt for a new 1929 Ford roadster. It shows the real out the door cost with some sport items tagged on. New Ford Model A's rolled off the line with a bare spare wheel rim and all bumpers attached ,but bumpers WHERE an accessory item charged for..If one was very frugal the bumpers could be removed and save some bucks...$15.00(bumper cost) in 1929 is half a weeks pay for a job like a bank teller at a small town bank who earn $30-$35 bucks a week..so It would be a worthy savings..If you search long and hard you can find pictures of what is easily a new or nearly near Ford without bumpers...Usually some form of standard coupe or roadster in 1928 or 1929.. An note the rumble seat was an option charged for too over the stock trunk The base price..$385.00 Out the door .....$579.99 I knew Mr.Ohls (in the 1970s and 80s )who lived in Hamden Conn. He told me he never drove the car over 40 MPH and made two cross country trips. He traded the car in ,in 1935 or 36.
  2. Seems a bit late to worry about "will I fit"in a car you bought at auction and never slid into.. Thank god your not a "I always wanted a Model A open car....guy and bought one of those.LOL You'll be snug,but will manage. You will be a bit a hunched over to see under the top of the windshield frame ,especially if the seat cushions have been too well padded during restoration.. Re-doing the seat and back, if well planed can help gain a a few inches. It's done often. .
  3. We finally got the mis-directed wheel cylinder.We will skip the details of that episode for now. We get the cylinder installed ,the brakes bleed enough to start checking with more serious straight pedal pressure and wouldn't you know the pedal( with firm at first ) resistance went straight to the floor..and once again after recharging the mastercylinder.. There is an all to familar puddle of brake fluid under another wheel. So now the the 3rd wheel cylinder is N.G. and blows by,but silently this time.. Another "chinese fire drill" to get the another newly painted, rear ,wood wheel off, to keep fluid from finding its way to the rim and spokes. After the first wheel cylinder leak ,some time back ,In the back of my mind I was telling myself," one at a time ,these cylinders will go out as the pressure builds..the weakest cylinders first and so on . Within five minutes I call rotten "Apple Hydraulics" and this Lazar character . In short after a 5 minute blasting( in a hard to keep normal tone)..I had to give up and thought it was time to close this door....the door to where on the other side is nothing but shxt and disappointment and your empty pockets. The end result is I've been screwed over by them, "APPLE HYDRAULICS" with their inferior work ,the loss of time ,loss of energy and loss of the money. We are now planing to pull all the cylinders,master also..and start fresh . You wouldn't (or maybe would) believe the amount of negitive comments found through the years about Apple getting away with cranking out poor quailty work.. Way to many for any business ,and quite a lot from the foreign cars clubs like the Ferrari club etc. Why those reviews didn't show up when I researching over a year ago I don't know..gurrrr!
  4. Wanted to buy ,in rebuildable condition ,one or set of 4 hydraulic wheel cylinders used with outside band "contracting" brakes as used on the Chryslers 70 of 1927. Possibly 1925-1926 also. I do not know if the early model 60s are the same and I believe in 1928 that at least Chrysler went to drum brakes mostly. Other brands used the same outside band lockheed brake system like the Kissel and a few others that maybe the same hydraulicly. Cylinder bore is 1-1/4" and there is an internal stop inside . Mounting holes center to center about 1-15/16" The banjo fittings may vary slightly from make to make and to year year..
  5. Well Apple email back ,it appears they had not gotten the cylinder back ..They called the people(husband) who wrongly got the cylinder and this husband left it to his wife to take care of it ,as in,write "return to sender" and shove it on the porch, I assume, to get picked up. Apple says this husband is gonna ask the wife about and call them,Apple, back. Now Apple did give me a street address(like a teaser ) where the cylinder was sent to but not a name.. I went with delusional thoughts someone would be home . Not the greatest getto I was ever in and not a place people would ever answer the door,and easily a place where deliveries( or returns) left outside would vanish within an hour. For sure, we will not make Alex Dragone's "Iron Range /Cars and Caffeine meet" that is comming up with this old bus. Which was the 3rd failed goal for it.
  6. Some one get's an "A" for effort for the body building ,and the very close basic overall dimensions..but the wood I see is all the incorrect in type and quality. But...it is a Model A wood station wagon and appears in fair condition for an average amatuer older restoration.. 30.000 grand worth? it isn't even close to half that to any veteran Model A enthusiast,who knows what is what and the good and bad of real restoration. A newbee might shell out 15k. and be proud of it and enjoy the rig for years..
  7. An update.. I have not yet received this wheel cylinder that was sent back on 7/26/2021 to be re-rebuilt. 20 days ago or so,I was left a phone anserwing machine message by someone at Apple H. that the wheel cylinder was sent back to the wrong address and was supposedly being returned to them(👹 Apple Hydraulics👹) I have not been able to have the phone anserwed by Apple Hydraulics for the 2 days I have been trying(we'll just call it bad timing). This afternoon I sent them an email as to WHAT'S UP? ,but in 150 words and with out my standard natural cursing that I think is now required.😣
  8. Gonna be a very tough sell at any price, I think,even for parts . One thing worse then a basket case car for restoration is a basket case,hot/street rod. Nobody will want or have the same or even a scant close vision of what the previous guy was doing . Maybe in traditional early Ford hot/street rodding, there is some common ground ,direction and agreement of what is to be or can done and those projects can be tranfered over pretty well,but not ones like this. .
  9. What a grand machine this is! The" Pope Hartford" cars from around the same era were of no relation to the "Pope Toledo "if my memory is working ?
  10. 1980 age 19, pen and ink 1932 Nash 660.
  11. That art work is great! .I did some "pen and ink" style of similar subjects but not quite as nice, in my teens and 20's and gave them out.Some watercolor tinted. I should have some unfinished or mistake ones someplace.? .
  12. I love the ghostly warm glow of those old car dash lamps,especially driving late night,on some unlit country road ,in silence as I listen the hum of the motor..A misty night even better.!
  13. I had another estimate (over the phone) from the west coast and it was $425.00 ,but I didn't want to send my gauge 2,000 more risky miles farther just to save 50 bucks and propably double the shipping too on the mail out.
  14. Snapped a couple of shots of this not so little beauty ,that may be interesting to a few Parkhard enthusiasts. More Unrestored then not with some near match spray can silver gray over some rougher surface metal spots and sports now rusting through wire wheel repaint of many years ago. The real brown leather upholstery was holding on.. I saw a great "sharp as razor "older gal hanging on this open bus, talking to someone about the car but I didn't hang around to quiz her. Who can guess the specs?
  15. "Temperature guy" and I talked quite a bit before I went to Bobby's. At that time he was no longer taking on work and just finishing up what he had.He is winding up his shop.So he said.😎🍸
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