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  1. Excessive idling is one of the biggest wastes of fuel..and does build up a little more unwanted heat .


    Sitting in front of a house or at a store pick up ,waiting on poeple or at a railroad stop for a slow moving frieght I kill the motor.

     An old long forgotten driving courtesy I practice is, if there is car a head waiting to pull out into traffic the 5th car driving in street is to let them out..If your that 5th car,you let them go.

    One other old time thing is." You see yellow,you see RED!   Only a real  moron in a vintage car would run a yellow light or blow a red.


     Never pull so close to a car ,even stoped, that you can see it's tires on the road.

    And last for now..Don't pull over the white stop line ,when you stop.

    Or so close to a traffic light you can't see it ,in the normal seated driving postion.


    At 2am...with no traffic..anything goes , till you see a cop!

  2. Saturday morning at 10:15 A.M  Sept.25 ,Waterblurry Ct. on a bank run ,we spot a very clean 1941 Dodge 2 -door sedan..

    The very decent old bomb had nice original interior,sporting newer chrome plate, a smooth as silk low luster gray (,non urine-thane basecoat clear coat ) period looking paint job and a paint disorder at the rear fender gas filler location..

     The driver window down ,inside we have traveling goodies splayed about the front compartment floor.

    The rear seat displayed a trophy and a blanket.

     The vintage ride was parked close to the street in a parking lot catering to 3 shops.

    A smokers head/shop,a low end adult smut shop,and the popular local Autozone.

    Never saw this particular car before..



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  3. I've been using,cutting up the good old brass ones (after 1972) for projects I need some small brass sheet metal for..Aluminum ones are so crummy I tossed them when I got them..

    For some reason I used to end up any extras from short attendance car shows..And through the years hand them out to people looking to fill voids in their collections.

    I've seen( and you have to) some of the fake collection boards displayed at shows and meets ,like the guy attended every possible meet..

    Very funny!



  4. Scrap them...the time it's gonna take to figure what you have,usuable or not ,place ads,answer questions and deal with folks over and over etc...to attract one or 2 possible sales in year.

     I bet there is nothing  rare or unusual anyway.

     Life is a one way ticket,and to short to fool around.

    Only possibly save the cellular radiators or tube and fins jobs that they are old enough the tanks and sides were exposed ..and generally have a name or badge on front.

    And those will most likey have shot cores.



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  5. If you do a web search for" mohair fabric " and "mohair upholstery fabric" you will find it is being made and offered ,just not from the automotive venues as much.


    Quailty mohair is not just a vintage car upholstery .

      One such upholserty fabric supply venue use to be

    Corativefabricsdirect.com ,and showed some nice mohair offerings a while ago..

    I bet still do.

      And there are others suppliers if you spend time looking out of the car box.

    .you WILL find what you need! $,$$$

  6. Wanted to buy 1,2,3 or 4 rebuildable, complete hydraulic wheel cylinders for the 1927 Chrysler 70 ( also fit related vehicles) .These are the cylinders for the Lockheed type external band brakes.They are1-1/4" inside bore.

     The casting number is 70928

    The banjo  fitting and through bolt and nut are not needed or the bleeder valve.

       Required are the cylinder casting,the two pistons,the internal center bore,piston stop and its mounting pin and set screw.




  7. I use to ship lots of Model A sheet metal with Greyhound..worked out o.k...but you have to do the proper packing.

     A friend bought 2 model A Ford front fenders years ago and they arrived wrapped so tight onto a wood pallet with that clear industrial shipping wrap stuff ,both fenders were almost  folded in half length wise over the tire wheel crown area. They were ruined.




  8. They WILL find the perp in the end.

    That car belongs to somebody or some place.

    And I would think the owners of the car (if stollen or loned out ) that was used in this demolition

    derby will end up footing the bill.

     Also If the perp is found and it is investgated he had drink..at a friends at a pub,etc. the good lawyer just names everyone down the line who has a possible connection leading to this event and it will stick to someone.

     There will be a pay day. Make take 5 years .


    I wish you luck..


  9. Single fog lamp with complete bumper bar mounting hardware.

    Stamped on top of bucket.

       "AUXILIARY LIGHT No 20-22

                  AUTO RADIATOR

                        MFG CO


    The unit has no dents or cracks and shows various scuffs and spots on the stainless steel that should clean up pretty well.

      I assume 6 volts. Untested as I am inbetween 6 volt batteries and I don't want to flash 12 volts to it just in case it might (would)kill the vintage GM sealed beam bulb if 6 volts and good.

    Exposed glass is just over 5-1/4" diameter.

    A clear driving lamp can be subsituted .

    $65.00 plus shipping.


  10. One pair of vintage cast metal body tags "Roadster". 4-1/4" lenght x1-1/4" wide(capital R). Originally held on with auto grade double side sticky tape. Good condition.

     For your friends modified or custom resto-rod or resto-mod.

    $24.00 (pair)

    plus priority mail ,small box flat rate shipping or whatever cheaper way you suggest?




  11. Dates of manufactor mean nothing here, as at time the year of a new car was when it was sold!  


     There is a well publicized several page and pictured senario with captions of a Ford dealer showing a car to a potential customer and listed off all it's wonderful virtues of the Model A.

     At the end to seal the deal the Ford floor man says"take it today and I'll through in the bumpers and a spare tire and tube free!" 

    This reproduced artical was in the "Restorer " magazine a few times.

    Bumpers were a factory pre mounted option.Believe it or not is up to you..

    It's all about sales $$$ 



  12. Oh yea! Can see the value and attraction of a property with lots of dead fish adorning the walls and or dead animal carcasses scattered around.

     Cheap at twice the price to some,but we in modern New England try to keep the dead game out of our living spaces if we can.

    We're just odd that way.😜




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