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  1. so true I love my mr2 but I dont get cheap stuff when repairing it and a cheap car is cheap for a reason
  2. They are so much fun mine is like my kid
  3. I am running away from this car I just talked to my best friend who is a mechanic he said run away from it funny thing though learned the Toyota solars is reliable and like a Camry learn something new each day why I love cars so much
  4. the Mercedes they are beautiful the beauty of cars no matter how many we haven had there is always just one more we want hahahahahaha I remember first car I had was an old Monte Carlo was fun had bucket seats in front that turned for you could hang out at the sand pits the memories each car we have owned brings
  5. What make is this ? He will be fine he is 9 this month I think its a riot he wont get in the car actually makes me love him even more lol
  6. Thanks maybe I should just stick with my original plan and get Toyota or Honda? or an older Porsche I dont think I can go wrong with If I find one will let you know thanks for the heads up on the mazda
  7. I am looking for an older Mazda was wondering how dependable the rx7 was thanks
  8. Yea its so funny my boxer will just sit and stare at the car hahahahhahaha I was looking a older Toyota and also going to look at an 87 Mazda rx7 tomorrow at local car place says only 87000 miles and is good price 3500 so see what happens am taking my time want an older fun coupe not into the newer cars thanks for the help
  9. I was looking at the boxsters but wasn't sure am going to not get the reatta not for me. Going to look at older Toyota and think going to look at Mazda Rx7 an 87 model low miles at nearby car place.
  10. I am in myrtle beach sc and main reason am wanting a another car is my wonderful boxer cant get into the spider he is to bog so am looking for a fun car to take out on my days off and road trips am open to any suggestions doesn't have to be a convertible
  11. thanks so much for all the information It was really helpful I hope you all have a great summer and enjoy your cars as much as I do my mr2. and by end of summer I will have another fun car what it will be not quite sure but got lot of ideas from all of you and am so appreciative
  12. I am looking for a second car I currently have a 2001 mr2 spyder really fun car are the reattas dependable like a spyder? I was looking at the 1988 year I saw one with the suede top and as less than 40,000 miles for 3800 other one was here and that as like 3 times the miles? Just looking for what you think even my spyder needs work to so that doesn't scare me just want a fun car like my spyder just little more practical since spyders are not that. Thanks for your help also open to other cars you think would be fun to have/ Well the reattas out have decided to get something else am open to any
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