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  1. The front vacuum connection on the vacuum pump connects to the vacuum port that is sticking out the side of the intake manifold. I've attached a pic showing the connection. This is from a '47 Torpedo, but it looks like the connections are the same.
  2. Success!!! I pulled the manifolds and found that the bottom edge of the exhaust manifold got caught on the top lip of the valve cover. So I had the width of the sheet metal valve cover leaving a gap at the bottom of the manifolds. That explains both the extra exhaust noise and the rough idle. After bending the valve cover lip out of the way and reinstalling the manifolds (and carburetor, fuel line, vacuum lines, throttle linkage....etc) it started up and purred like a kitten. Smooth as butter. For the time being I've adjusted the timing by ear, advancing it until it started to get a little rou
  3. Thanks John. If I have time today I'm going to pull the manifolds off. When I first got it running a week ago, it sounded like more exhaust noise around the engine than I remembered. I thought it was the manifold to exhaust pipe not sealing completely. Now my guess is that the manifold to block was not sealing causing the extra exhaust sound, and concurrently not properly sealing the intakes. When I reassemble I'll be sure to torque up the manifolds to block first.
  4. Thanks Kornkurt, I'll give it a try. It also occurred to me that it may be leaking at the manifold. I installed new gaskets when I attached the intake and exhaust manifolds, but I'm guessing that is a possibility. I imagine I'd want to try the starter fluid at the manifold before the exhaust got very hot.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions carbking. The choke is working well. I have been waiting for the valve to fully open before tinkering with all the things I talked about, including the idle adjust screw. A funny thing (demonstrating my ignorance ) when I fist got the car. I was looking all around the inside of the car for the choke lever. I had no idea they already had automatic chokes in 1947. One of the many things I've been learning along the way. I trace the vacuum tubes next to see if there is a possibility of a leak. I put a plug (for now) on the line that leads to the wipers. The others go t
  6. Hello all I've watched this forum for about a year and became a member this past April. Your posts have been a wealth of information as I've tried to make my 1947 Torpedo a dependable driver. I got it in 2007 and it has been an adventure. I've attached a few before and after pics. Since I got it running in 2009 (Yes, it took me two years to get it going :) I've had issues with coolant getting into the oil system. I replaced the head gasket and tried a few other remedies, but no change to the problem. I finally bit the bullet this past April and pulled the engine. I stripped it to the bloc
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