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  1. 2/24/2021 Posting....opting to not put on Ebay (but had in the past). Posted to RacingJunk.com as well as FB marketplace is a truck I've owned for 3 years. Price: $42,000 OBO by 4/1/2021 Built/modified by someone else, the 1937 Style Coupe Express truck has the typical Dictator passenger side front fender (eliminated the spare tire) but the hole is still intact if wanting to add a normal CPX front fender and spare tire. Running boards and truck bed are of a diamond tread aluminum plate. Motor is a 1990's era LT1 Corvette. Transmission is auto
  2. Howdy....seems to me long ago I read an ad by someone recreating the long arms for the Coupe Express Truck. Back around 2001 I had both a left and right side, making the mistake of parting with them when I sold a truck. Made of brass I recall. Does anyone have side mirror arms and the mirrors to include the "right" side?? Please send a note my way if you have info...thanks!
  3. The tough work has been done on this near completed Coupe Express truck. Home hobby work began with parts off the frame. This truck was in running condition 3 years ago but has been sitting. Brakes are good! No claim to the transmission or rear end but was told it was functional New wiring harness New welting mating fenders to the cab/truck bed Bed in excellent condition Bumpers - new chrome Dash panel in nice condition and new paint Spare tire cover is included (unsure if it is true 1937 but is painted yellow and included) Very good/new r
  4. The yellow Coupe Express that was posted to Ebay is owned by this writer. A legit dialogue for having owned more than one truck in the past 20 years and having traveled thousands of miles in the past to view, decide to buy or not and then haul home it means being logical about pricing based on condition. Most want something for nothing as in turn-key for under $30,000 today when what is available for restorables are start-up projects in a #4 or #5 condition and thus become hot-rod projects. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Half the fun of locating anything vintage
  5. Has anyone done this to a 6v system though? It appears to be geared toward 12V and if not converting a pre-war car to 12V what might be required? Always love it when someone states it is an easy task, requiring less than a day to incorporate an upgrade.
  6. The Coupe Express truck was lot #146 at the John/Sheldon Rier Auction July 2019. It sold in the area of $19,000 before buyers premium was added (don't quote 100%). Was listed for sale on Ebay 4/22/2020 but pulled within an hour of completion "supposedly" with the seller finding an error in the listing...hehheheehe
  7. Am seeking several items to fit a 1937 Coupe Express 1. Drivers side mirror with arm 2. Window track/hardware/glass for both doors 3. Two salvageable doors. Preferred is CPX or 2 Door Dictator as I have not modified 4 door doors. 4. Two door Dictator Coupe Parts Car with above items Suggestions/help is always appreciated. Tim/Knoxville, TN
  8. Agree whole heartedly that the grille is a focal point, is definitely delicate and as I haven't attempted one myself can only imagine the tedious headache it must be until figuring it out. Can only imagine how many workers were employed back in the day to create the grilles....woofta! Nice photo's/effort/documentation if able to pass along for future generations....
  9. Richard, Looking to Ebay, did not see the actual car for sale! Is it? If so, how much? Literally how much of a 37 President would fit a 2 door 37 Dictator Coupe or Coupe Express? Thanks!
  10. New to this site, I am as of 4/26/2020 looking for a parts vehicle, front nose clip or at a minimum (2) good doors complete with window track hardware/glass/hinges to fit a 37 CPX or 2 door Dictator Coupe. Or complete vehicle if parts I'm seeking are there in decent condition. Thanks
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