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  1. Howard there is No real problems, I expected there would be a few things from sitting. The brakes where because the master cylinder was filled with rusty sludge. I bought a new master and all new wheel cylinders because I figured they are probably contaminated. Then I changed the oil and felt sludge in the pan so I decided to clean it out which led me to repairing the slight seeping it had. Nothing but the brakes needed to be done right now but I was waiting for the parts to come in. I hope to have it back together by next weekend.
  2. I can’t seem to find the right rear main seal. All the one I see are 3 bolt any one know where I can find this one?
  3. Thanks everyone for your input!!
  4. I have a 50 Windsor it’s all original with the 6v system. I am considering putting in a converter for 12v just to power my phone and possibly a radio or speaker. Has anyone done this with success? If so what did you use for a converter? Thanks for the help!
  5. I would second what joe said. I have been looking for a glove box door for a year and they are all cracked.
  6. I pulled the oil pan just to clean the gunk out of it. It has a small seep at the rear main. Is there a way to fix it at least temporarily without pulling the tranny?
  7. Jack thank you for the advice that was exactly what was wrong. The master was all gunked up. I ordered a new master and all the wheel cylinders because I feel they are probably contaminated also.
  8. Didn’t notice whether the light was on. My wife drove it part way and said she was having a hard time stopping going down a hill and also the brakes are stiff. Newer master cylinders get weak when they are failing do these ones get stiff? Thanks for your help
  9. So I started it up today and the brake released....could that be that the shoe heated up and wouldn’t allow it to release yesterday?
  10. Thanks everyone going to check it out tonight!
  11. Thank you that’s what I was thinking happened, Im glad my line of thinking is on the right track. it had not been driven for 3 years prior to my buying it so I figured it probably froze.
  12. I just purchased a 50 Windsor took it on its maiden voyage all went well, going up hills seemed like a little vapor lock. The main problem was I parked in my driveway on a slight slope put the parking brake on now it won’t move I can hear it trying in the gears but won’t move I think the hand brake is locked on how do I get it to release?
  13. Does anyone know where I can buy the complete floor pan for a 1947 Chrysler Windsor 4 door. All I can find is the front bolt in one.
  14. Looking for 4 door parts - best place to buy floor pans and rockers. Also need glove box door. Thank You
  15. Rusty that’s a great article! I have a 47 Windsor also with that motor, which I was surprised with the power it had when I bought it. Thanks!
  16. Rusty I completely agree it probably won’t be that big of a deal to get it running. I am contemplating whether I want this one to be bone stock which generally is the way I go or do something different with it. I bought it for the body and that it was a complete car so I haven’t done anything with it as of yet just weighing my options. Thank you for your insight!
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