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  1. Thank you! I will check the ground!
  2. I definitely want to keep it 6v, it wasn’t being switched to 12v just the way he did the wiring was completely wrong, it works but has minor bugs I have to get worked out there is even lamp cord in one spot he used! I’ve worked on and owned mainly Muscle cars so it is a completely different animal but I enjoy learning all I Can about it. Thanks Again!
  3. Keith thank you so much! A lot of great info, there is definitely some wiring issues and other quirks I need to get worked out, I assume I will be rewiring a good portion of the car this winter, the previous owner attempted to and cobbed a lot of it. As far as the cables my diesel I use 2/0 cables will these be ok on this also? I’m trying to learn as much about this vintage and the 6v system as possible to get it all worked out. I really appreciate everyone taking the time and sharing knowledge with me!
  4. Thanks Mike! I can’t wait to see the picture of how you made the shield!
  5. Yes it’s missing it. I plan on fabricating a shield for it.
  6. Didn’t take long to see the issue the line is almost touching the manifold and when they tightened it they twisted the line. My question: does anyone have pictures of how they routed the line? Also how it’s routed to the rear because it goes up under the radiator which doesn’t make since to me. Thank you for the help!
  7. Matt couldn’t I keep the electric pump on all the time connected to the starter switch to assist the mechanical pump. I would have to put a pressure regulator in though So it doesn’t flood the carb correct?
  8. I like the idea of the electric fuel pump. Today was the only time I have run ethanol in it because it started having issues and I wanted to make sure the tank was full and the station did not have Non Ethanol gas. Thank You!
  9. I’m in Syracuse ny 80 outside but more like when the engine heats up for an extend period of time. Today the longest I had it running consistently was about 30-40 minutes it really started to act up when I went up a couple hills, I will check the routing of the lines. Thank You!
  10. When it gets hot after driving for awhile it starts to act up almost like it running out of gas but it isn’t. It appears like it is putting an extra drain on the battery I thought the battery was bad so I replaced it same thing happens but seems to last longer today it stalled and cranked but wouldn’t fire I went picked up the old battery came back probably a total of 10-15 minutes later and tried starting it again without switching the batteries and it fired up. Could this be the signs of a bad generator? How to do I accurately test the output on it and if it’s even wired correctly? What else could it be? back Story: I have only had the car 2 months drove it twice since then but the old owner drove it an hour to my house after it had already been running for awhile.