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  1. Hey friends and more knowledgeable people! Short intro; I inherited my fathers Buick 1933, S50-57 some years ago and he was the petrolhead, I'm a carpenter. So, I'm handy with stuff and not afraid to try stuff, but I know nothing about engines other than the general basic stuff of course. However, I am now in the process of upgrading the electrical stuff, adding a breakerless system (enter gasp of horror from puritans, sorry gang) and to buy the correct stuff it's needed to know if my car is positive grounded or negative grounded. I've tried to search the internet for info and _most_ info points at negative grounded.. yet I don't want the "I guess". I want the "I know for a fact..."
  2. Thank you @pacrat for the input. It helps me along, I'll probably get my bolted on in the nearest weeks.
  3. Aw yes. More -33 '57s! I am the scared and proud inheriter of my Fathers -33 and honestly, it's a battle for me. But a happy battle. At least I got it just as it more or less was completed after a 20 year long renovation!
  4. Hey pacrat, I'm gonna need to backpedal all the way here and ask you; how DID you fasten the trunk? I'm in the exact same spot as you were when starting this post. I have a trunk that I need to add to my Buick's rack, and although I'm a carpenter and could easily just "throw something together" and bolt the poor bastard onto my rack from below somehow, I'd like some inspiration or guidance before going crazy with timbers and screws.
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