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  1. I am going thru an old album. This is definitely taken in Curacao but is not my dad's. It is an "Island Government" plate – 1491-C. Not my dad driving though.
  2. I reached out to a "Den Hartog" on FB yesterday. But she married into the family. She asked her husband if he knew of a relation who may have worked in Curacao or worked/flown for KLM. It's a very long shot but he will reach out to relatives! Dad wasn't all that tall - 5'11" - but my sis and I are/were both 5'9. He was 1 of 9 kids...
  3. I know for some, this will be really easy but I don't know cars at all. This is my dad (born in 1912) with my older sis who is almost 5. It is dated 7-Jan-1952 and they lived in Queens at the time. I hadn't been born yet but my mom, dad and sis were living in Jackson Heights, Queens, NY. I don't think we had yet moved to East Meadow. Dad was maintenance supervisor for KLM at LaGuardia since 1946 (post WWII). I'm sure this was the family car.
  4. This is a pic of my dad (born in 1912) that was taken somewhere other than Curacao (most of the pics I have been posting are from Curacao). No notation on the back and this is not my mother... LOL. During WWII, Dad worked both in New York (1940-spring 1942) and also in Jackson, Mississippi, until fall 1943. If it's other than those years, then he could have been anywhere... Thank you all! Jennifer
  5. This is a pic of my dad (born in 1912) that was taken in Curacao. The top pic is dated 2-Dec-35 with the inscription "Hato" which is/was the name of the airport there that he worked at as a mechanic for KLM. The bottom pic is dated 23-Oct-35 and has my dad's name and also the name of "Den Hartog" which is a common name in Holland. My dad is in the top pic and on the right in the bottom pic. I can tell he is in Curacao because of his white trousers and the license plate... I think the licence plate says "1879-C" or "1079-C" or something like that. My research (noted on another pic I posted a fe
  6. Hi Grog, I guess I forgot to say. Yes, that was my dad standing on the left of the engine. He was born in April 1912 so was around 22-28 during his time in Curacao. What I didn't mention is that his uncle (my great uncle) is Albert Plesman, the founder of KLM. Dad and his brother Henk were on Curacao but I don't know how long Oom Henk was there. There were also several Plesman cousins that worked for KLM, including a few as flight attendants; possibly some uncles as well. I wish I had talked to my dad about the war years but I didn't and he passed in 1982. From newspaper scraps, letters,
  7. Please let me know if this is not allowed in an antique car forum. I had 3 other posts with pics of my dad (with vintage cars) and I am so very grateful for all of the wonderful responses. We were able to pin all of the vehicles down to make, model and even year!!! But here is an aircraft question. My dad was born in Holland and was transferred to Curacao in December 1934. He served there until the war broke out in 1940 whereupon he was transferred to help train Dutch mechanics in the US. Here is a pic of dad with the aircraft he was sent to maintain in the Dutch West Indies. Tr
  8. Hi Frank ... Thank you.. So, if the windshield is NOT Ford, are you saying you don't think this is a Ford Model T?
  9. I should have done this before but I just took a magnifying glass to the photo. The Ford on the right has a date on the license plate... 1936. The signpost is in Dutch so it was most likely taken in Curacao where my dad was stationed from 1934 to 1940 (when the war broke out). The arrow part of the sign says "directions to the airport" where my dad worked...
  10. Am I allowed to post airplane pics on this forum? I didn't read the rules so don't want to break them...
  11. i LOVE this forum!!! Thank you so much... This is great... Do you identify aircraft too? Just kidding. Have some of those too...
  12. This is a pic of my dad (born in 1912) again but this may be one of the oldest pics I have of him.. Maybe the car will help date this pic.. Again, no idea where he was but probably in the Netherlands... Update #1: From the wonderful comments below, this is probably a 1920 Model T Ford exported to the Europe/the Netherlands and made in Canada! There is a windshield difference from the American made models. It was also noted below that since it has a driver's side door, it is Canadian made as opposed to from the US. My humble thanks to everyone! I wish I had been smart
  13. This is a pic of my dad (born in 1912) again but he's a lot older here. I don't know what continent or timeframe this was taken as he was an airline mechanic and moved around quite a bit... Thank you for helping me! Update #1: Based on what Mr. Carnerd from New Zealand added below, I was able to follow a thread on wikipedia of license plates from Curacao. The main thread said that the suffix/prefix of C is "Island Government". That is prettern modern day and it doesn't say when those prefixes start. The pic below shows the plate in my dad's pic versus the plate on the Curacao web
  14. Stay tuned.... I have 2 more car pics with my dad in them coming!
  15. Oh my goodness! It sure looks to be close.... Thank you! I had no clue how to find something similar...
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