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  1. Thanks a million. I much appreciate it.
  2. Greetings: I am in need of a manual and or specifications to overhaul my convertible power top system for a 41 Buick Super (56c). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks HC
  3. Greetings Old Car Enthusiasts: Can a 41 Buick Super (56c) convertible power top be manually lowered? Thanks. HC
  4. Greetings: Where is the shock filler plug located on a 50 series? Also what type of fluid should I use and are any specialized tools required? Thanks. Don
  5. Thank you, gentlemen. Your responses have been very helpful. I appreciate it.
  6. The steering went completely out as I was driving it. I believe the shaft sheared off. It has been welded numerous times. Currently, the steering is working but I do not trust it and my new mechanic will not touch it as he says it is too far gone. I am contemplating purchasing another 41 Super and was wondering if there are inherent steering design flaws that I need to be concerned about. My mechanic/restorer says it is a problem with old cars.
  7. Has anyone experienced steering failure in pre -war Buicks?
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