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  1. Thanks Matt- Put the new one in but temperature won't budge by the gauge
  2. Can anyone give me tips on how to replace the thermostat on a 41 Super? Thanks HC
  3. Im looking to buy an engine turned dash panel and glove box door for a 41 Super. Alternatively, can my existing panels be restored? Thanks. HC
  4. Are the 41 dash pieces still for sale? Thanks. Don Hanna
  5. My 41 Super pulls hard to the right particularly as the car comes to a stop. Its not overly noticeable with gradual braking. The braking system has been inspected and the brakes adjusted but the problem persists. What should I look at next? Thanks a lot. HC
  6. Thanks a million. I much appreciate it.
  7. Greetings: I am in need of a manual and or specifications to overhaul my convertible power top system for a 41 Buick Super (56c). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks HC
  8. Greetings Old Car Enthusiasts: Can a 41 Buick Super (56c) convertible power top be manually lowered? Thanks. HC
  9. Greetings: Where is the shock filler plug located on a 50 series? Also what type of fluid should I use and are any specialized tools required? Thanks. Don
  10. Thank you, gentlemen. Your responses have been very helpful. I appreciate it.
  11. The steering went completely out as I was driving it. I believe the shaft sheared off. It has been welded numerous times. Currently, the steering is working but I do not trust it and my new mechanic will not touch it as he says it is too far gone. I am contemplating purchasing another 41 Super and was wondering if there are inherent steering design flaws that I need to be concerned about. My mechanic/restorer says it is a problem with old cars.
  12. Has anyone experienced steering failure in pre -war Buicks?
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