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  1. Hello and thankyou to everybody for their comments. Sorry if my question has caused any trouble.

    I'm now a little confused about the pin striping.

    Looks like the bonnet, body, wheels and fuel tank should have black stripes and the fenders red.

    One last question, does anybody have a photo of the fuel tank lining they could post on this site?


  2.  Hi I'm Re restoring my late fathers 1910 Hupp 20 roadster, red with black fenders and was wanting to know the color of the pin striping, can anybody help me.

  3. Hi Bob, Thanks for your reply.I live in New Zealand.I believe our Hupp is 1910 model B. it has the small brake drums, but I believe the brake cams are the same as in your picture. Our car has the low headlamp bracket which are different to yours. Sorry I can't help.Bruce

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