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  1. If your really interested in these items, let me know what you will give me and you main own $1500 worth of items for $800 to $900 just make an honest offering as p i do not want them 812 -564-0657
  2. Sorry, forgot that part sheet did not have price. This was what it cost but I’m open to any reasonable offer as I do not need and hopefully someone can and can save them some money. I can be contacted at 812-564-0657 also. Thanks, Jerry.
  3. Rebuilt generator (see attached) and new still in package electrical wiring from Rhode Island Wiring (see attached).. Prices are also attached with the items but first person with appropriate offer will be accepted.please feel free to contact me with any questions.
  4. Sorry, forgot to mention that. Yes sir series 40
  5. 1937 Buick front assembly for sale in Sullivan Indiana , asking $200. Rough but I have seen lots worse. I don’t check posts daily but any reasonable offer will be considered as I had this as backup if I could not repair mine. Hopefully the four pictures will help. Additional new electrical harness will follow later in week.
  6. Sullivan, Indiana 30 miles south of Terre Haute
  7. Sullivan, Indiana 30 miles south of Terre Haute
  8. Thank you, it turns easily, so looking like I will be dropping oil pan. I agree on the boo on v8
  9. Using electric drill to spin. Yes, I was hoping I would not have to remove pan. This was my cousins car and he had drained it then got sick and died last year. I want to save the engine rather than dropping Chevy v8 in it.
  10. Yes, the engine is a 1949. Took all of the lines off and cleaned them to make sure nothing was in way. Yes turning shaft counter clockwise and nothing yet. It had set without oil for quite sometime so have tried priming it, will try spinning again before doctors appointment today. Thank you for the response.
  11. Oil gears turning but cannot move oil into lines leading to rocker arms to oil upper rockers. I really don’t want to pull oil pan unless I must. Any tricks to get oil flowing would be helpful on my 37 Buick coupe?
  12. Location is in Sullivan Indiana, zip code 47882. It’s late but I’ll go out to garage an snap off a few pictures and post them
  13. Rebuilt 1937 generator, #2437 dash, engine and headlight harness, #0115 clock and glovebox harness, #1674body and tail lights harness,#3581 fender light bucket wires, #3284 fuel tank connection with , #4298 coil to distributor wire, #2438 instrument light wiring. All new and still in packages, sold to Bob’s from Rhode Island Wiring. Total value paid for all items $1,353.00. Any reasonable offers will be considered and will provide proof they are new and still in original packaging oof required. Can contact Jerry at 812-564-0657, day or night. Leave message if I don’t answer you at first. Thank
  14. Not fishy guys. I could not get back in under my original jerry48 so I changed it to Jerry 37 since I’m working on a 37 Buick. In this age we live in I understand the suspecting of scams. This is legitimate and you may call me anytime on this. I appreciate you looking out for your fellow car guys. Jerry T
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