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  1. Thanks for the info Bloo! I stumbled across that car too while I was scouring the site for info on these cars, fun read and would definitely look at buying something in that condition if I weren't looking for something I can spend a lot of time on. I'm not too concerned about it being quick at all, just want something different to cruise around town in once it's up and running again. I am afraid of rust on the underside cause it's been sitting out in a field for years with a bunch of other cars so I'll be extra thorough when checking the underside out.
  2. Hi, I'm making this post because I'm trying to find information on a 1951 Nash Statesman. I've been looking for something to tool around with a lot and hopefully drive around on the weekends and stumbled across a 51' Nash Statesman in someone's barn. Never seen one before, but I instantly fell in love with the styling. I don't have any details on it and haven't gone to look at it yet but I will soon. I was hoping to get some info on what to pay special attention to when inspecting these cars for purchase. Common problems, rust areas, etc. This will be the oldest vehicle that I've had to get up
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