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  1. Keiser31, I'm going from the body color paint I found on sandblasting off the old paint. The lowest level was the Limousine Blue #2 which is my body color. Plus the 1932 'New Dodge Eight' pamphlet shows a rendering of a body color chassis. I do believe that it was only a DK Straight 8 thing as my fenders should also be body color and they are black on the DL Straight 6.
  2. Hello, I have a 1932 Dodge Brothers DK8 and according to the paint charts the chassis is suppose to be body color. My quandary has to do with what product to use to paint the brake drums. First off, I live in the mountains of Maryland so warm/hot brakes can be an issue. My paint rep says that he doesn't have any paint that will withhold the heat brake drums might reach and my powder coating guy says the powder coat might burn off as well. I know a lot of early 30s vehicles have color chassis and just wondering what everyone did to match their brake drum color. Thanks! Kyle
  3. Jpage, Do you still have the 36 rear available? I'm trying to correct my 1932 Dodge and finding that the 9.5 diameter rings are non-existent, so I might need to swap the entire rear and a 3.78 ratio would be great!
  4. Looking for a 4.1:1 ring and pinion for a 1932 Dodge Brothers DK 8 Cylinder. It is a 4.1:1 ratio and is has a 9.5 ring outside diameter. Commonly found is the 6 cylinder 4.1:1 with the 8.75 outside diameter, but that won't work, the 8 cylinder needs the 9.5 outside diameter. It should cross with most Chrysler and DeSoto 8 cylinders autos including the airflows.
  5. Good luck! I"m looking for a 9 1/2 inch diameter Ring and Pinion for a 32 Dodge Brother's DK-8 and its proving to be impossible.
  6. Anyone know the contact of the guy who rebuilds these shutterstats?
  7. New NOS is best and I don't mind paying for a accurate set. I"ll give you call tomorrow.
  8. Looking for a Ring and Pinion gear set for my 1932 Dodge DK Cylinder. The ring and pinion is a 4.11:1 Ratio with a 9 1/2 outside diameter. MOPAR part # 636023/25. Crossover with Chrysler '30-37 CD CP CT CQ 8: Airflow CU, CV, C1, C2, C3, C9, C10 C11, C17; Chrysler '31-32 CI 6, Chrysler CO 6 7 Pass, DeSoto '30-32 CF 8, Dodge '30-32 DH6, DD, DE, DF, DI ,DL, Dodge '30-33 all 8 cylinder Any help would be appreciated.
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