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  1. Tony D.

    1990 Riviera

    Great advice
  2. Tony D.

    1990 Riviera

    The problem is no power to the abs
  3. Tony D.

    1990 Riviera

    I think it is a hydro boost it has a small ball, I cannot see a vacuum line to the teves unit, and it does not have a regular vacuum booster like my other cars
  4. Tony D.

    1990 Riviera

    Hey, The pedal is the same engine on or off,and the pedal is near the top. It does feel like the booster is not working. Do you know where the relay for the ABS is? Thanks!
  5. Tony D.

    1990 Riviera

    Teves brakes not working, I have to push pedal very hard to stop, trouble codes are rear&front wheel speed senser. Car has 88k miles.