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  1. Wow! That looks awesome! I can’t wait to get the paint on ours. We can see the color on some spots, but nothing beats being able to see it full blown. Thank you very much for the picture!
  2. Thank you! After everything he has done for us, it is long over do, and he deserves it! I'm considering creating a post to create updates and progress along the way, especially if others would also be interested in following along!
  3. Based on the recommendation of many of you, I submitted my information to become a member of the ROA this morning! Thank you all for the help, I can already tell this is a passionate and extremely informative group. A little about myself! My name is Steve (I'll work on creating an easier username), and I've had a passion for cars and drag racing since as long as I can remember, currently 27, I started racing locally at 17 and have been fortunate enough to claim many wins, and championships in my 79 Camaro dragcar. This whole project is something my brothers and I have decided to do to give back to my father, who fueled all of our love for cars. In the 60s and 70s, my father was a huge Pontiac and Buick fanatic, racing Pontiac's at the same track I now called home. Initially, we were looking to recreate one of those cars for him. However, my mother brought up how in the 60s, my father absolutely loved the Riviera, but being they had a young child (my oldest brother) and we're attempting to make ends meet, it was a car he could never afford in those days. With her advice, we completely switched gears to located a 66 or 67 Riv (the years he always wanted). Oddly enough, just 20 minutes down the road a gentleman was selling the car we now have. The car is a 66, and is for the most part, completely unmolested. The drivetrain is all original with roughly 80,000 miles, the only updates being a Holley 650 carb, and a newer exhaust. Our plans for this car is to keep it as original as possible, while also adding some small upgrades for safety etc., such as front disc brake conversion, most likely switching to an HEI style distributor with an external coil to keep the original look. Currently the car is in our shop getting the necessary body work. The original 425 fired right up with fresh plugs, points, oil and fuel, and runs like a peach! A bore scope and compression test showed a very clean motor, checking out in all aspects that we would hope. The motor will still be pulled, cleaned up, repainted, and resealed as well as a complete cleaning and painting of the engine bay. In regards to the compression test, cylinder 5 and 6 (adjacent from one another) showed slightly lower than all the rest. all were around 155-160, those two were in the 130 range. When speaking to my engine builder, he said because the car was sitting, its possible with how it sat, they valve seats developed a little rust that will need to wear down, and not to be concerned. Just wanted to confirm that this is probably nothing to be overly worried about. The motor ran great and showed no signs of issues, no smoke, no noise etc. We will be keeping the car the original color, Riviera Gunmetal, fortunately one of my brothers is a painter! We are extremely excited about this project, and can't wait to give my father his dream car. Once again, thank you to all who have replied, we truly appreciate your generosity and help!
  4. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum, and having read through a bunch of different topics I decided to join. Myself and my two brothers are in the process of restoring a 1966 Riviera as a surprise gift for my father. The body tag indicates that this is a paint code B car, Riviera Gunmetal. However, I can not find a single photo anywhere of that color on a 66 Riviera. I was wondering if anyone had access to any pictures, or maybe have a 66 in that color. At this point, I am assuming it was a rarer color option for the year. The color does show on the bottom of the truck lid. We've been fortunate to score the car (which has been mostly unmolested) for $3k, and we just got the ol' 425 fired up last weekend and she runs beautifully. Lastly, it looks like one of the major things we may need, but are having trouble finding, are new front and rear bumpers, while we can rework them, they are slightly rough. Any suggestions? Thank you to anyone for the help!