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  1. Hi All, I appreciate the help with the hood latches. Any help - parts, pictures or dimensions - for the other parts? Thanks again, Steve
  2. Thanks John, as I'm based in England, UK I think I'll try someone closer to home first.
  3. I've got most of the major body work done but am in need of some parts to move towards finishing, or photos and drawings so I can get them made. Bonnet latches - I saw a post on this forum where someone had made them, any drawings with dimensions appreciated. Air cleaner for Stromberg S1. Interior door mouldings for front doors. Hub caps - an leads on where to get them? Thanks, Steve (UK)
  4. Latest progress; tailgate now finished with stake pockets. Now for a bit of paint, new springs, tyre, rewire and an interior......
  5. Hello, Has anyone got a hood hinge strip or knows anyone who sells them? I did get hold of a Ford 50" length but that has parallel side and Stude tapers towards the front grill. I'm facing trying to make one but that is fraught with difficulties as the metal is thin and will warp easily. Thanks, Steve
  6. Hours of hard work scouring the web https://www.classicent.com/products/studebaker-script-stamped-panel Nice heavy gauge steel so ideal for a tailgate.
  7. Progress on the pick up - its starting to look more like a pick up! I'm going to need 4 new sets of leaf springs. Does anyone have the dimensions they should be as the fronts look almost flat with no curve? Thanks,
  8. My model 55 came with one as per the picture. Is this the correct handle and if so does anyone have a spare they would be willing to part with? Thanks
  9. RBK - both. I got a complete gasket set from Olsen's which was ordered Sunday and just arrived with me in the UK today - good service!
  10. Hello, I'm after any information for the engine in my Stude pickup. Engine number reads S51043 stamped just behind the water pump below the horn in the picture below. I need to rebuild the water pump but will probably need a gasket set at some point so want to know which one and where to get it from. Thanks, Steve
  11. I've recently bought a 1932 Model 55 but it is missing a few items as follows (part numbers added where I can):Hood centre strip No249359W and support No170398 type CBonnet catches 4x No2534599 type BCowl mouldingRunning Boards R=No253013 L=No253014Running Board Splash Guards R=No253471 L=No253472Running board moulding trim 2xNo1113X 48"Radiator to fender tie rod 2xNo253486P plus plates and rubbersRadiator and cowl lace (as below)Door latch x2Door strap x2 (Shrock Borthers as below)Door wedge / guide x2Hub caps - wire wheels with 5 3/4" centreEither I could do with the parts or photo's and dim
  12. I did manage to hold of Gary and he sent me a few photos 🙂 Unfortunately the truck is now missing a few items - radiator to wing struts, hood centre strip, cowl trim, door catches, rear lights, rear bumper and the pickup bed. If anyone owns a 1932 Model 55 and can take pictures and dimensions for me I can try to fabricate the items. Of course if you have any spare parts laying around I would be interested! Thanks
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