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  1. Here is a jack I have in my 34-68C. Not sure if it’s original. My dad had several jacks he collected over the years. Probably from a Hershey meet
  2. Good info. What do you recommend for antifreeze Is Peak 50/50 ok to use this is for my 1934 model 34-68C
  3. Hello. I’m not sure which forum group to post my question on? Can someone please inform me on how I can ask a question to purchase an OEM /NOS oil filter for my 1934 Buick 68c. I’m having a hard time online with any parts stores sorry if this post is in the wrong group
  4. Hi Przemek Here is a pic of my 34 Series 60c Convertible Phaeton
  5. Just towed my dads 34 Buick Phaeton Series 60 convertible along with lots of parts across the country. Need to repair the rear end and adjust the mechanical drum brakes Interested in any Buick clubs in Southern California area along with contacting any good mechanics This Buick has been in my family since 1969 and my goal is to fix it up a bit more from its present running condition Thanks Nathan
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