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  1. I am looking for information on a car club called Shifters Club in the Punxsutawney PA back in the 60's or so. Thanks
  2. I purchased a 47 Lincoln with a 62 Olds 394 in it. It has some aftermarket front motor mounts that bolt up to the front of the block. These were purchased in the mid 60's. I installed a 63 394 in it but since the blocks are different I can't use the 62 mounts. Does anyone know if any mounts exist for a 63 394 with the aluminum timing cover that would bolt up similar to the 62? Thanks
  3. Thanks for the replies. It's a Lincoln engine, it has the Lincoln name on the heads. It has the 8EL-B. So it could be an early 49. It came with a Carter WCD carb. I guess the V12 died many years ago. The engine was pulled 8 years ago, who knows when it was put in.
  4. I recently purchased a Lincoln 337 flathead V-8 & was told it was removed from a 48 convertible. The VIN on the trans. is 8H180444with a star at the end. The #1 looks like an "I". Did any late production cars have V-8's? Also is the distributor cap same as Ford flathead? Thanks
  5. I have an engine, cast # 577476-4 1/8, # on head "looks like" C 15154, 371? cu. in., year?, that's not much good. It came out of a car with a standard tranny having a pilot bearing drilled out. I would like to replace it with a 63 Starfire 394 that had an automatic. Can I just swap the cranks with no problems? Or do I have to drill out the 1963 crank. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, I'm in PA so at least I know the car was here at that time.
  7. The front is faded & blank from age/sun.
  8. Can anyone identify which state this window sticker would have been in 1956? Thanks
  9. Thanks, this answers my question. I can keep my eyes open for a compatible set up.
  10. Thanks, what year(s) flathead has the same bolt pattern as the 47 Lincoln transmission & will my input shaft of the transmission fit the flathead. The front mounts are the least of my worry, just looking to make it as painless as I can if I find the right engine. I can always re-drill the crank on the Olds engine I have. Looking at options. It had a 59 Olds, I have a 63 olds.
  11. Thanks for the answer. So I gather I can just slide it in bolt it up & go.
  12. Will a flathead Ford/Merc. V8 bolt up to a 47 Lincoln transmission in place of the V12?
  13. I recently purchased a 47 Lincoln & have acquired the info card from The Henry Ford. It's written in cursive "Jacksonville 16" & what looks like Brash or Brock Motors Inc. Any idea where this may be?
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