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  1. For sale. 1962 Ford Fairlane 500 4 dr. Has been in storage for about 12 years. Starts, Runs and drives. Left front brake works. Original survivor car. Interior is in very good condition with original carpet and seats, head liner is coming apart over rear seat. Has some rust in the fenders and quarters, 90% original paint. Located in Ferndale Washington. $3495.
  2. The motor is sold. Thank you all for your interest.
  3. I just assumed they ran a mag. all that is there is a cam for the ignition system. At this point I have a buyer that is sending payment. If anything changes I will contact you. Thank you for your response, Don.
  4. I have a motor minus carburetor, magneto and one intake valve spring. Turns over freely and valves are free.
  5. No carburetor or magneto, one intake valve spring missing.
  6. I put some penetrating oil on everything and pulled out the intake popit valves and lubed the cylinders today. Spins over nice and free.
  7. I have a Kiblinger motor that I picked up. It turns over free and the exhaust valves move. Does anybody need one?
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