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  1. I have some stuff I would give to someone for free: 2 back bumpers, 2 front wheel drums and brake assemblies, AC compressor, carb, and distributor. I'd like to have someone pick it up (or meet halfway). I'm in Tampa.
  2. Here's what I have for a 1963 Buick Riviera: 2 back bumpers, front wheel drums and brake assemblies, AC compressor, carb, and distributor (no pic). I'd like to not have to ship this and will give it for free if anyone can come get it (will meet you half-way). In Tampa, FL.
  3. My grandfather's brother had this new and parked it in the mid-70s (w/ about 90k miles). They just recently left the house and gave the car to our family. The dusty picture is how it looked coming out of the garage. The other picture is just after a hose down. The car is amazingly photogenic and somehow doesn't show it's rust (unless seeing it in person). Here's the car now. I had to go through the Dynaflow, swapped the carb for EFI, switched to front disc brakes, and got the AC working with the new refrigerant. I have a couple kids and wanted a better seat
  4. Thanks for the awesome offer Tom! (PM sent) My rigged repair has already failed.
  5. Found a green wire (that connects to the tan) that went into the column but not connected to anything. I figured out how to get a wire on the copper washer and connected it to the green. Horn works! Thanks for the info. My hack job of getting a wire on the copper might not be long term. Wondering if there's a replacement ring with a wire anywhere?
  6. I have a 63 Riv and can't get the horn working. It works if you ground the tan wire terminal at the horn relay. I can't get it to work from the steering wheel. I took off the steering wheel and found a copper washer on a plastic base that is the surface the spring-loaded button contact rides on (the pic has this removed). Shouldn't there be a wire going to the copper? I didn't find anything. How does the horn button work?
  7. I have a 63 and am having trouble getting horns to work. If I touch the tan wire lead on the horn relay to ground, the horn works. I can't get to work from the steering wheel. I looked at the wiring and everything looked ok (but not sure if I was looking at the right wires). Took off the steering wheel cover and the assembly seems all there. Do I need to pull the steering wheel?
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