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  1. Well my latest pick is this thing. The idea of going with just tours for two is distancing. In the new world distancing will be of concern to many visiting the park and it's important to offer I think, more private tours. It's a bit more expensive, I'd prefer to find an old Ford of similar configuration. I gotta call the guys Christech suggested on that.
  2. Yes, I was just looking at that and exploring some of the 7 passenger touring cars. They're more expensive but more people = more revenue. I was hoping Ford made a three seater touring car but If they did I haven't found it yet.
  3. Having a bit of a time finding commercial auto insurance for an antique car. Any ideas ? I'm still exploring all my costs and am pretty much down to insurance at this point. Thanks 😉 PS just left Hagardy a note, we'll see if they get back to me. The NPS requirements are pretty tight $500,000 liability $1,000,000 per occurrence Commercial auto insurance provides: 1.Liability insurance, which includes coverage for bodily injury, property damage, uninsured motorists, and underinsuredmotorists; 2.Physical damage insurance, which includes collision insurance; and; 3.Other coverage, which includes medical payments, towing and labor, rental reimbursement, and auto loan coverage. Taxis that do not provide tour services are only required to have Auto Liability insurance. The Commercial General Liability covers out of vehicle activities and taxis do not provide out of vehicle activities. Insurance Company Minimum Standards The CUA Application defines various terms, conditions, and requirements for CUA insurance. The NPS has established the following minimum insurance company requirements. All insurance companies must meet the following minimum standards. These standards apply to foreign insurance companies as well as domestic companies. 1.All insurers for all coverages must be rated no lower than A- by the most recent edition of Best’s Key Rating Guide (Property-Casualty edition), or similar insurance rating companies (Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, or Fitch), unless otherwise authorizedby the Service. 2.All insurers for all coverages must have Best’s Financial Size Category of at least VII according to the most recent edition ofBest’s Key Rating Guide (Property-Casualty edition), or similar insurance rating companies (Moody’s, Standard and Poor’s, orFitch), unless otherwise authorized by the Service 3.The insurance ratings must be submitted with the CUA Application. The rating companies do not issue certificates. Werequire the insurance broker to note this rating in the Certificate. If the rating does not appear on the certificate, theinsurance broker must provide it in another document. PPS Christech I haven't called your buddy yet, I'm still getting some ducks lined up. Working on the medical requirements and insurance at the moment, purchasing the vehicle is the final step, and that assuming the Park is processing applications, they're on hold for the moment. Page
  4. Who's your friend Christech ? I'd like t contact if I can 😉
  5. Appreciate the thought but those big busses are a nightmare to pull over and park around here. Its gotta be something small like the Fordor
  6. OK now maybe it will notify me of replies 😉
  7. Prior to all this virus thing hitting this was the front runner It just looks like something I'd like to take a tour of the park in.
  8. You have my attention. Someone nailed it when they said that a replica might not offer the feel of an antique and diminish from the experience. I'm tempted to agree. I wouldn't worry about AC as much as a heater and I can likely retrofit something. I do like the Fordor 😉 it has the look and the view people would like. So is there a way to contact through some more private means on this thing and get in touch with that guy you mention ?
  9. OK so something Christech said What is the most bomb proof antique tour car ? The one pictured is a 1924 fordor Ford LOL It's not expensive, customers would love it. speeds are 45 and below in the park. So how reliable are these old fords.
  10. Great suggestions folks, thanks, lots to consider
  11. Where did you find that thing Matt ? That's a solid option
  12. Jak it's too big. I already own an antique bus and there's no way it will work for what I want to do.
  13. I think I've done my bit for saving antique vehicles
  14. Who's got an old tour car minus a good engine ? that might be the place to start.
  15. Yeah I already own one of those Matt. White Motor Company, 1 of the only 14 produced, the tour cars are a dime a dozen LOL, the restorations on the ones in the park were done by ford and not very well. Very much bastardized those poor things. The one I have would Never work as mines a bit bigger. The deal with those is they're too big. You can't park them very easily, at best you can do a slow drive by. What I want is two passengers in the back of an antique convertible tour car. Tours for two. Something we can pull over conveniently and go see the sights when people want too. What I'd want is either something old that was ridiculously reliable or something bastardized to be ridiculously reliable. The Packard 8s might work but still if it died parts would be a pain in the butt.
  16. I have the application right here in front of me, and an entire team of lawyers, accountants hoteliers, guides presently running their own shows in the national parks and assistants I can work with. Insurance is the least of my concerns. What I need is reliable rides to pull it off. A tow out of any national park starts at about $600 for the hook up and runs $2~5 a mile thereafter.
  17. I'd like to start a tour guide business in the national parks and use antique tour cars for the nostalgic feel of the whole thing. So what I'm looking for is advice on vehicles that can be or preferably already are bastardized with more modern drive trains that might be more reliable. The basic chevy 350 + tranny added. Better brakes, things like that For instance this thing with a more modern drive train