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  1. I have a couple secondary jets for a SV-33 Penberthy carb made out of brass if anyone is interested. Contact me for price.
  2. While restoring my dashboard on a 1927 Studebaker President I found this mark on the back of the dashboard. It looks like a swastika but isn’t. Any thoughts what this is, a employee mark maybe?
  3. Looking for a oil filter cartridge (Pancake) and sight gage for a 1927 Big Six.
  4. Met a guy at a car show with these fenders for sale if interested here is his email plymouth1965@me.com, fenders located in Utah.
  5. My brakes are rod actuated, but I think I have found my problem. Looking closely I noticed the front axle was installed backwards. Because of that I didn’t have my travel distance needed for the brake rod. Word to anyone removing their front axle, don’t do what I did or you will be doing the job twice.
  6. Being frustrated am looking for some pictures of the front 4 wheel brakes on a 1927 President, need to look at the relationship of the brake rod and levers, seem no matter what I do nothing seems to work. Any info is appreciated.
  7. Have seen quite a variety of springs available at a place called Marshall's Industrial Hardware. https://www.marshallshardware.com/
  8. Was told by the brother someone bought it and was being picked up today, 3/17/2020
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