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  1. This is a very late reply on my part to this thread. The pictures Oregon Desert model 45 provided were a tremendous help and I was able to fabricate a new one for this vehicle thanks to them. I appreciate everyones assistance.
  2. I'm in the process of doing extensive sheet metal work on a 1948 Ford Woody station wagon and am in need of rear inner fender panels. They are both - right and left - in sorry shape and while I might be able to patch them I, and the customer, would rather not go that route due to them being the vertical structure and support of the rear wooden body panels. I cannot seem to find replacements anywhere online, nor do I seem to be able to find anyone versed in fabricating new ones. If I were better with sheet metal fabrication tools like english wheels, planishing hammers, bead rollers, and sh
  3. I'm looking for a spark control hub base for this 1926 Buick Master 6 I'm working on. It's has the 4 spoke aluminum steering wheel with a wood rim. This spark control hub/mount (truth be told I'm not entirely sure what to call this thing) just fell apart as I was reinstalling it. It already had a broken clamp, several cracks in the casting, and had previous repairs to it from some period in the past. Bob's Automobilia sells the 1929+ version of this part, but it looks quite different and my Google searches aren't working too well finding any of these for sale. Does anyone here h
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