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  1. I'm guessing on reason might be that the guys who have real ones might not have wanted them painted 5 times to look like different cars. Its been a while, but as I recall, there were scenes with lots of tuckers shown at once and I remember wondering how they did it...
  2. I inquired but never got an answer. would have risked the 4500 or so it would have cost to buy and move...
  3. I would love to have this car but don't have the guts to buy long distance on craigslist... Arkansas is a long long way.
  4. Thanks! I have sent them an email, and found about $500 worth of stuff I "need".
  5. bought 1920 on ebay. apparently owner before one I'm buying from lost the key... First of many issues i'm sure! Have really become a Dodge Brothers fan. Ive owned older cars, but never owned a 100 year old car before. (Had model Ts before lots l like about this dodge compared to those.
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