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  1. Maybe I'll find a different mechanic and see what happens. Its seem the CVI data is necessary for an accurate assessment. Appreciate you time and expertise Hemi D. I'll continue to update as information and solutions come in. If I can find a way to fix her up, within my budget, I'll definitely need the replacement parts.
  2. The sensors do look new. They did reseal the pan with silicone as I requested. As for the engine fan, I tested it with straight voltage, operated, so I thought it might be a bad fan relay. They tested and determined a ground failure, sensors tested fine. As for the original $430.00, once they realized that I new enough about cars, they backed off the we just know from experience that it needs a rebuild and CVI won't tell us anything, line. The work order reflects the amount I agreed to, and work done, but at this point, it was a loss of trust. Attached is their original work order. I declined the "$1400.00 rebuild.
  3. Hi everyone, I had a poor experience with Aamco. They tried to charge me $410. For diagnostic. Then could not provide CVI DATA. Finally, they admitted that the "Scanner" was not working. They claimed to have replaced the input and output speed sensor. But at this point I'm not sure I believe them. So, I disconnected the battery and drained the vehicle electronics overnight. To reset vehicle computers. Drove fine for about 10 minutes, then threw limp mode again. Not really sure I can afford a transmission rebuild. The vehicle is in good condition otherwise. Might just put it for sale, unless anyone has any more thoughts on the fix. Included pics of tc, and work order. The only damage is front passenger side, someone backed into it in parking lot. Was registered with TC America #0242 Please advise.
  4. Thanks again, once they complete the diagnostics, I'll post for recommendations.
  5. Bit the bullet, Dropped it at aamco for a full diagnostic. Will share the results when in. Thanks again everyone.
  6. I just replaced the transmission fluid and filter. Few metal on magnet. Test drove the vehicle. Shift 1 to 2nd fine, 2nd to 3rd, engine revs high, doesn't engage. Upon touching brakes, vehicle moves to limp mode, stays in 2nd gear even from dead stop. Only reengages 1st gear after vehicle has been turned off, and back on. High rev, no 3rd, does anyone recognize and have simple fix ideas, before I resolve to go to mechanic. Thanks all, appreciate the help. WC
  7. I have recently acquired a 1991 Chrysler TC Maserati. Was given to me by my father. Vehicle runs, but transmission trapped in limp mode. Haven't been able to find a mechanic in Denver CO willing to work on it VIN 207241. Red / Beige. Not sure what to do with it. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. I'm new to site, Will
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