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  1. Hi George, I have a 36 that I've been thinking about selling. I posted a while back with some of the details and some pictures (link below). If you're interested, give me a call. 714 681-3293. Brent
  2. Thanks everyone, lot's got good advise here. I'm going to speak to Hup36 a little later today. Sounds like he will be able to answer any question I can think of. Just to add a little detail, it does run and drive although it's been parked for a while. Might need to clean out the carb (CA gas doesn't age well). Auburnseeker's guess is pretty close, this car never got dialed in and unfortunately my dad had a lot of memory issues towards the end and couldn't tell me much about the what he still needed to do on the project. I have no idea what front end is, other than I remember him telling me how great it was. The engine is an old i6 Jimmy truck engine. My dad absolutely loved those and built many of them over the years. He ran them in dragsters in the 50's and in dry lake cars up till about 2010. He built this one for this application so it's nothing wild like the race engines. I think it's pretty stock. The biggest issue the car has that I notice is it's under sprung. It sits too low and bottoms out easily. Whoever sold him the front end didn't realize how heavy these cars are. I already cranked down the preload on the coil-overs but I think it will need stiffer springs to work the way it should. The carb may be an issue as well. It's an old Holley. When I first started it, the carb was leaking bad. I rebuilt it and it doesn't leak now, but it doesn't even have a choke and seems like it's seen better days. I kind of wonder if he put that Holley on it just to fire it up and planned to get something a little more turn-key later on.
  3. I’m looking for some guidance here. My dad passed eight years ago and left me a 1936 Hupmobile 4-door Sedan. I think it’s a 618 G based on pictures I’ve found on the internet. One of his many projects was this restoration and I helped him from time to time. Unfortunately, he only got about 90% done and over the years since he died, I haven’t got around to finishing the job. At this point, I’m trying to decide if I’ll ever have time to focus on it so I’m considering my options. If I decide to sell it, I’m wondering if anyone has a suggestion on where to list if. Also curious what you think it might be worth. Below is as much of a detailed description as I can provide. My dad had his own ideas about how to make the Hupmobile something that could be driven. I do have all the original parts though in case I or a future owner wanted to return it to its original form. It has a I6 GMC engine (my dad loved those), a Turbo 400 trans, and a Ford 9 in rear end. He also installed a complete front end/axel with coil over shocks and some sort of late model steering column. He did all new interior and top and it looks really nice. It’s also been painted but that was ten years ago and I don’t think it was ever fully finished and buffed out. Some of the trim has been cleaned up and some, like the grill was completely remade. Appreciate any guidance. Brent
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