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  1. Did some earlier models have aftermarket 4 wheel brake conversions
  2. Thank you There is no T on the body tag but the doors don't accommodate windows. Bolt on windscreen stanchions.
  3. Ist letter of engine casting number on orig photo blown up seems to be E
  4. Thank you for that information. My car looks to have been an open car. Windscreen posts were bolt on and rigid upright so could it have been a Duplex. Were these common in New Zealand. My headlights look flatter than the bullet ones on the blue car so would that make it a bit earlier than 1927. Has a body number 41436. Do you know how common the 4 wheel brake conversion was in NZ
  5. Thanks They didn't use those names till 1927 I thought and think this is earlier. Was it the Standard 6 that became to President.
  6. Can I please have help confirming the identity and model of this vehicle. Obviously prior to its pickup conversion. Also would this have been registered in New Zealand as a new vehicle.