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  1. Bill all the Avanti twos were delivered to the original owner straight from the factory they were no dealer is involved with these cars these were a option from the factory I guess it the right way of putting it there was only a few options available only cards color interior color interior material and wheels or and or hubcaps.
  2. Attached are a few pics of the Avanti thanks it has been in two national shows. First show I went to they placed it in DPC. I though as you noted 35a.
  3. Thank you I have a 1976 Avanti ll all original unrestored except for one repaint. Paint is approved Avanti ll color as they would paint any manufactor' color. Tires are new model due to the fact I use it for a lot of tours, had vintage type tires but had trouble on a tour and just purchase a new set of good years for safe feeling.
  4. I checked the judge and guidelines and I do not see a classification or rules for what is required to put a car in to the discontinued automobile class for the award can you help me
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