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  1. Here is a picture of a very nice restoration showing what appears to be a complete dash. My dash has holes for the two switches on the far left. Based on the condition of the car when I acquired it, I have no earthly idea what they are for.
  2. Well, the quest is over for replacement right and left hand taillights. As you can see the two buckets on the left are the result of rotten seals, winter salts, and neglect. These were original to the car and had been removed and tossed in the trunk. The previous owner was in the process of replacing them with an aftermarket set that were flush with the fender. The one on the top right was provided by a friend on this site hailing from Australia. The one on the bottom right was found in Texas. These should clean up and made to match beautifully. Now for the next quest....
  3. I am finally getting reenergized about putting a new wiring harness in the Buick. The previous owner stripped the old out with the idea of making a hot rod. Currently it’s sitting....sitting....sitting... Needs to be driven and enjoyed.
  4. Hope these helps, I just grabbed them from other posts. I am searching for a passenger side lamp, but would purchase a pair if required.
  5. I may be interested in this. Is 100 buck firm? Can you provide me with the dimensions?
  6. Hi guys, I am still looking for a taillight for my Buick. I would sure appreciate it someone were willing to part with an extra passenger side bezel. Thanks
  7. Thanks guys. The new harness will be color coded and professionally installed. The diagram and other information will be slipped inside the owners manual and kept in the glove box.
  8. Thanks Jim. I appreciate the conversion tips and will put them to good use. Owen
  9. For regular use, I am converting to a 12-volt system (will restore the 6-volt if I ever sell it). I am doing this because the dingle-berry before me removed 80 percent of the original wiring. As I think this through I realize that reducers will be needed for some of the gages and horns. In regards to the heater fan, is there a 12-volt replacement motor that will preserve the integrity of the heater box and easily wired into the system?
  10. If you are willing to part with the damaged chrome insert, I am needing a piece to fabricate some missing shorter pieces that have fallen out along the way.
  11. Just learned this was marketed in Britain and the U.S. for universal applications. It was advertised as "top of the line" in November 1935. It features 8 AM tuned circuits, 12V storage battery (?), electromagnetic dynamics, moving coil/field excitation coil, energized loud speaker, and it's super heterodyne (?). The knobs are apparently made of wood. The center knob is tone control.
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