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  1. It is a 1931 Piece Arrow Club Sedan Model 41 - Coachwork by LeBaron Custom Club Sedan. Currently, i need help to get a radiator re-cored and would like it to look as original as possible.
  2. Wow. This blew up. I appreciate everyone's input on this topic. I have mailed my application to the PAS and I am hoping to get me member # soon so i can start looking through their catalogs. I will get a photo up of my Pierce soon. Does anyone think it is work it to purchase the Compatible parts catalog? I see a lot of them on Ebay but I don't think i would need one.
  3. I am looking for an original (Or PDF) of the 1931 Pierce Arrow Model 41 mechanics manual. If anyone knows one for sale, Please let me know. Thanks
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