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  1. Thanks for all the encouragement. I have heard a lot of it, some was immediately after the school. The best thing I saw was that we were able to discover an area that we will bring up to the judging committee to re-consider, that of vinyl lettering on commercial vehicles. The open dialogue was great and quite informative. Stand by, that was not the last of it. There will be more Advanced Judging Schools, but not at every meet. Three things we need to consider, available instructors, available rooms and projectors, plus, the number of total judges in attendance. Again, thank you for the extremely kind words. Dain King
  2. Hi Charlie, This Advanced Judging School at Philadelphia is a trial balloon. It not scheduled elsewhere. It is tailored to active judges with at least 15 total judging credits. Since Team Captains School is being conducted at the same time in a different room, it is not for Team Captains. We do not know how many to expect at this first try, but the room is big enough, which you correctly point out as a potential problem at other National Meets. Fortunately, at Philly we have the added projectors and instructors needed to put it on. Since attendance at a Judging School is required each year before you may judge on the field, this fulfills that requirement. In fulfilling that requirement, you will recognize many of the slides in the presentation, and many of the new ones are also presented in the regular judging school, which will be conducted by Stan Kulikowski and John Harvey. We have been working on this for several months. You will see fewer slides regarding filling out the component worksheets. But, you will see the slide that shows "The General Policy." That is the basis upon which our judging is based. (But I promise not to read it.) The sequence of slides are in the same order, but the comments will be at an advanced level, knowing that all the judges have been on the field at least five times. I draw your attention to page 2-2 of the 2019 Guidelines, at the bottom, V. National Judging Schools, A. Requirements, 3. A minimum of two hours must be allotted for the school and the current judges training program must be presented. After that is done, the coordinator may use additional time for further programs and/or a question and answer session. We expect to be running at about 3600 rpm compared to the normal 1750, which will allow questions and possibly discussions. No two judges will have the same perception as to what to expect, including myself. There are requirements that must be met, and they will. We hope to make this more enjoyable and meaningful to those of you who have been attending every year, just waiting with anticipation to hear what is new for this year. But we cannot ignore the basics, which are sometimes forgotten, and then caught by the Admin Team, and you end up with jelly on your face. Your critique of this program is important, and if submitted will be read. This is just a trial balloon. Let's see what you think of it. See you in Philly, Dain King
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