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  1. My local Casey's stopped carrying 93 E-free gas. Nothing else in the vicinity. Anyone else have this issue? Any additives recommended? Other options? Thanks.
  2. I have a summer trip planned where I will be driving my TBird about 300 miles. (each direction) All in the midwest. All with hopefully good weather. Here is my question: What should I have in the trunk when I go? I know a spare and jack; water; oil; antifreeze. What else should I bring with in case? Do I need a back up fuel pump or whatever? Again, thanks in advance for your input.
  3. Thank you all. I will seek professional help
  4. Hello. First post here. Recently purchased a restored 57 TBird. Everything looks fabulous and can't wait for better weather to drive it. When I did drive a bit in the Fall, I noticed some play in the steering wheel. What is "ok" in terms of play? How much it too much. What should I expect. I've never owned a classic so I'm used to modern vehicles which are tight. Don't want to overthink or over-worry this. Thank you in advance for all the guidance.
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