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  1. Hello. Dodge Brothers Six Victory Touring 1929 What type of wood would be used for the vehicle floor. Thank you for the information.. Ralf
  2. Hi Search for Dodge Brothers Six Parts List Model 1928 (1929) Model 130 or 131 as a file (PDF) greeting Ralf
  3. Looking for Dodge Six owners in Germany. I have a Dodge Six Victory myself and am looking for other Dodge Six owners in Germany. Ralf
  4. Thanks for the pictures. Very well done with the alternator. On the starter, I don't understand the spring. Should it work as a pre-resistor to reduce the tension? greeting Ralf Danke für die Bilder. Sehr gut gemacht mit der Lichtmaschine. Beim Anlasser verstehe ich das mit der Feder nicht. Soll die als Vorwiederstand arbeiten um die Spannung zu reduzieren ? Gruß Ralf
  5. Can you post a picture of the alternator
  6. Yes, pictures would be very good. Did you convert the starter ? Ralf
  7. That sounds good. That's how I want to do it too. What kind of generator did you install? and what ignition? did you leave the original starter? Das hört sich gut an. So möchte ich das auch machen. Was für einen Generator hast du eingebaut ? und welche Zündung? hast du den Originalen Anlasser gelassen ?
  8. Hello Has anyone converted a Six Victory to 12 volts? How is the conversion of the alternator implemented? greeting Ralf
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