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  1. "These photos are not from Denton’s, but from another yard nearby, Sonny’s." What is the story about Sonny's? Is it in Blaine, TN? Can you roam the yard at Sonny's? Thanks, Mark
  2. Looks like the same car (same photos, same background) that sold on a Hemmings auction in November. Car was shipped from CA to SC and current sell price not inflated from auction price. Interesting..... https://www.hemmings.com/auction/1959-oldsmobile-dynamic-88
  3. I inspected this car in person Saturday 8/29. Had plans to buy the car if it was as solid as it looks, but did not make a purchase. If anyone wants my opinion, for whatever that's worth, feel free to message me and we will connect. I'm an AACA judge as well an National DeSoto Club judge.
  4. Reminder that the KYANA swap meet is this weekend, Feb. 28 - March 1. See you there!
  5. The KYANA Region's 54th Annual indoor Swap Meet returns to the Kentucky Expo Center on Feb 28 for a three day run. This is still the largest indoor, temperature controlled swap meet in the country with over a quarter million square feet of swap space under roof. See attached flyer for all the details. See you in Louisville!
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