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  1. Did a tune up on 1926 Standard --replaced spark plugs--cap--rotor--condenser and coil. Also put new battery in it. Before I did this the car started no problem at all very easily. When I would blow the horn the voltage gauge on dash would move--does not do that now. The gauge would also move when I would crank the engine--not now though. The engine does crank over. Carb has gas in bowl so that is not the problem. It almost seems like when I turn the ignition switch on it is not putting power into car to provide spark. Also checked all wires to make sure they were attached. TIA for your help
  2. I am changing spark plugs in a 1926 standard the plugs I pulled out are AC C77L they look to be in good shape other than some black carbon on them (Best way to clean them ??) I have 6 new autolite 3076 plugs and 6 AC78S plugs. Opinions on which ones to use or a totally different available plug would be used TIA Mike
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