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  1. Well I do not plan on doing anything illegal. I was just stating what I had been suggested. I will see this through to the end but if the end result is letting them go then I will be sad to know there was nothing I could do to save them.
  2. Yeah I'm actually trying to figure that one out as well. There are some complications with my dad writing a bill of sale but at the same time doesn't care that I have the vehicles. I'm not sure if we can work that out just yet, or if I could just sign them over to a friend of mine in Alabama. I know he wouldn't screw me on it. I'm wanting to just establish ownership of the two vehicles. It is extremely important to me. If they aren't on file, have no record of being registered, or no records at all with VIN. I'm really wondering what my best options would be but this pertains more to a different post I had on here I believe. I have heard many methods, probably both legal and illegal. I have heard of a way of registering a vehicle before it is worked on. I would like to look more into that.
  3. So basically when I remove all of this it will go into neutral and the wheels won't be locked? Also, as far as the title thing goes I have bills of sales for both vehicles. To my info you can't register the vehicles unless they are road worthy so I have to do the work to that point to get them registered. I am going to see if I can find the original titles for them as well at a later point. I will likely do that before doing any major repairs on the vehicles. I plan on going through Alabama if possible to do the registration because they are a bill of sale state. I will only have a car trailer to work with so unfortunately no tow dolly. That would likely be easier if I knew that everything rolled freely. I'll check more into it.
  4. If anyone has been following my posts you will know I am planning on towing a few vehicles within a week or so. I do not have a key to the 1972 Dodge Dart Custom and I have the ignition key to the 1963 Chevrolet C10. The Chevy is a three speed on the column and the Dodge is an automatic. I'll need to possibly clear out some trees and dig the vehicles out a little bit, clean off leaves and such. The Chevy is back a little ways in the woods, and my dad was saying something about hoping the transmission wasn't locked up or something like that because it wouldn't roll. Of course the tires are dry rotted and deflated too. What I am really concerned about though is the Dodge. It's facing rear towards direction I need to be pulling. If there was a way to put it in neutral, pull it out a ways, and then put it on the trailer proper before putting it in park, that would be nice. I'm not sure if those had any features like some newer cars do as kinda a bypass for that. I have a come along winch but I know I'll need more than that. Any suggestions on what else I would need, or just would make for an easier job? Plus I can't get the trunk open and I was going to ask to be sure but you have to have the key to unlock it, right? There were no latches or anything like that? Hopefully these are dumb questions but nonetheless I always appreciate the knowledge and the help. Thank you all.
  5. Ok. So what I have settled on for the time being is this: (I want to run this by the people on here to see what they think) Rather than go through Vermont, Alabama apparently works similarly or the same way and it's much closer. Now, in order to register a vehicle it has to be running and road worthy. I'm not sure as of yet if in Alabama you pay taxes on the NADA value, or for the price paid just yet, but I obviously have to get the vehicles running first. If I do this to a minor extent, just enough to meet criteria for registration, I can get them registered. not take the chance of sinking too much money prior to registering, and not increase the potential taxable value. Now the interesting part is I hear that most states purge records every 5-7 years for unregistered vehicles. These have been unregistered since '79 and '82 so 30-40 years which would easily more than meet the criteria for being out of the system so they need to be re-registered.This would explain why both VIN and plates returned nothing on the vehicles. This is where Alabama comes in and I have my Bill of Sale to get them registered. Also in Vermont, NADA low value is used, (ex. $16,600 on '63 Chevy c10) a dealer can be consulted and appraise them at less and that be taxed instead. If this is the same it saves a lot of money in the long run which can go towards other things at that point. When the vehicles are registered to Alabama, I can turn around and transfer them over to the Florida process to get titles and everything for the most part should be right as rain and I "should" be free to restore the vehicles and hopefully make my late grandfather and great-grandmother proud. How does this sound?
  6. I think what I am concerned about is I would think surely if I did go through that process and got the replacement title and all that the only claim to both vehicles I could make is based of my dad having just bill of sales for both vehicles and then me having bills of sales for them going to me. If they came back under my grandpa and great grandma then I might be back in the same boat but I'd at least have titles reflecting what the originals say, wherever they are for that matter. I wonder how all this works and if that would truly be enough to show owner ship. Also, not sure if it would be enough to indicate but I have both last existing license plates for both vehicles with their last registration stickers the 63 Chevy was last registered in June 1982 and the 72 Dodge was last registered in May 1979, so we are talking almost 40 years since either of these have been re-registered for and that should roughly reflect how long they have been sitting in the woods. I even have pictures of the vehicles too, haha. So do you think the titles would be easy to just claim as lost and what do you think the best process would be here in this case scenario now? I can't say for sure that I am the "rightful" owner due to the titles never exchanging between the two parties and my dad. I could say in a way that I am because of these bill of sales transactions and the fact that no one else would even have a footing to stand on to claim either of these vehicles, unless, and it's a big one, that another rightful heir learned of this and took it to court, but over a couple of rust buckets? Stranger things have happened I'm sure. Hahaha.
  7. I'm not sure if this is what you mean but when I got the VIN numbers and the previous plates for the vehicle literally nothing showed up. It was like there was no records at all pertaining to the vehicles in question. I'm wondering now if a Certificate of Title bond would be better for the current situation. What do you guys think?
  8. Well I can do that but the only thing that will accomplish is literally telling me who owns the vehicle which could be useful info, but not really fixing the situation with this title process. I'm looking into other options but if anyone has any tips, further advice, etc, I welcome it with open arms. I'm hoping that I can obtain the vehicles and keep them in the family, it if nothing else just be able to work on them and restore them.
  9. Ah, ok. Haha. Well I just got off of the phone with the DMV. She said she wasn't sure if the Vermont thing would work because she said if the titles are in Florida then Florida rules apply which is that you need a title. I specifically read that this could work regardless of what state you are applying to Vermont from and in Vermont it's not for titles anyways, it's just for plates/tags/owner registration. Also I read that this could be for the fact of ownership being "transferred" multiple times but without titles being signed. You also need proof of insurance in Florida and neither of these vehicles are even drivable. The bonded title I'm not even sure about. The only thing the DMV really offered was that if my dad came in with a death certificate of my great grandmother and grandfather, they could give out info, perhaps to me as well about ownership, etc. I don't want to try going through Vermont and have something look really bad and get in a bunch of trouble or have my dad get in trouble. Bottom line is the original titles are lost, nowhere to be found, possibly even destroyed, or thrown away, and with the process that has happened I'm just trying to work towards getting titles for them at some point. I need to do more research. She even said something about having a court appoint them, lol. I've never been a big fan of laws for this reason. They seem to overcompensate for something not necessary and look the other way when needed. *sighs* Any thoughts with this info on the table? Haha
  10. So if I may ask how did you go about getting yours? The reason I can't follow Florida procedure is one, these are vehicles I'm wanting to work on and have no insurance on them but the more important reason is that he never had the vehicles titles signed over to him. That, to my understanding, leaves an open title. The original owners are deceased so there is no correcting it that way, and I don't even know where the titles are. I'm definitely going to look for them. Either way it's just a big complex process. To my understanding they were parked in the woods, broke down, or unwanted, and he needed a vehicle. They were gifted to him via bill of sale, but then he found a ride in better shape and went with that. They did give him the vehicles, but he never officially got the titles transferred. So now that I have shown interest he is giving them to me but I want to actually get titles. The only two ways I know of are by bonded title or this process of going through Vermont, and then exchanging owner registration for title in Florida after a VIN inspection. I'm wondering if this means I'll likely have to take the chance on working on the vehicles before I get the title anyways, If anyone can clarify what I may have missed I would greatly appreciate it.
  11. I am aware that Vermont doesn't issue titles. I was informed that they instead send some type of registration card with you plates/tags. Something else I am curious about is if my grandfather and great grandmother gave the vehicles to my dad (not sure about the bill of sale) He says he has it but hasn't found it yet. I am told that once you get through with this Vermont process that in order to get title you go with your registration you get from Vermont to your own, in this case Florida, DMV. They do a VIN inspection and if that is good you get your title. What does a VIN inspection consist of. I just wouldn't want me to be up there, they do a VIN inspection, see that my grandpa and great grandma were the last owners, and arrest me thinking I was trying to pull a fast one on them. To my information there is a clear path here of ownership. I have tried to run the VINs to but nothing came up on them. Almost like they weren't in the system at all. I would hate to work on these vehicles only to have the inspection have some undesirable results. Any thoughts on this? I still wonder what can be done about the NADA value but I plan on contacting the Vermont DMV anyways to see what they say.
  12. Hey again everyone. I'm going to try the idea of going through the Vermont registration process to see if I can register myself as the owner and eventually get titles here in Florida for the Chevy C10 and Dodge Dart Custom. The problem I am having right now is that Vermont seems to go on NADA values. Neither of these vehicles run and both would need extensive work done inside, out, and under the hood. For example, low value of the C10 was $16,600. I know for a fact that the C10 in it current shape, rust and all, is nowhere near worth that much. I'm hoping one day that it may be but if I am to go through Vermont how can I register a vehicle needing that much work done in its current state with a more accurately reflected value? Thanks all for the help.
  13. Just wanted to update that I have got into both vehicles. Found the original ignition key to the Chevy C10 still in the ignition. Haven't found much with the Dodge Dart Custom yet. Thank you all for the advice and tips.
  14. Fortunately for me on the Dodge Dart Custom, the rear passenger door window is cracked, so I'm assuming I can get in that way. Just didn't have any tools for that with me yesterday. As far as the C10 goes it's been sitting there for quite some time. Since the 70's I believe and I have tried both doors but for some reason did really think to check the quarter panels. I wish there was a video on the door locks or a video showing someone lock the doors so I could get a visual representation on it but I do understand to an extent what you mean. I might try a show string if I can get it between the door and see if I can catch the lever or whatever I have to move to get it unlocked if possible that is.