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  1. I have posted on these forums a few times. I like 1953 Buicks! And I like Chevy A-D Pickups!... But, I don’t know... what I don’t know. And one of those things I don’t know are the differences between 51’s and 52’s. At first glance they look nearly identical to a novice like me. Is there a guide or summary of the changes? Thanks.
  2. One of my dreams is to repower a Chevy A-D pickup with a Buick Straight 8. Is this a real truck or a photoshop? I wonder if a 53 Special front clip could be grafted on the front of a 47-55 Chevy pickup?
  3. Someone should save that 53 grille and bumper.
  4. The upper grille is Packard. I’d be glad to drive that to the Dairy Queen Cruise. 😎
  5. Good for you. The Chevy 6 swap would have been a LOT of work. You will be happier with the Straight 8.
  6. Being a 1953 Buick fan, especially Specials, I found this thread very helpful. Thanks.
  7. Many Buicks and 4 Studebakers — 3 close together. Seems a lot for the total number of cars.
  8. There must have been a lot of cars junked when they were less than 10 years old. Some were probably driven to the salvage yard. Today the average automobile age in the US is 12 years, and many 20 years and older are driven, and worked, daily.
  9. Thanks. I learned something new about the chrome trim. And I could not read the front bumper emblem on my phone.
  10. Love this 53 Buick. What model is it?
  11. Anyone familiar with this car? Time runs out in approx 7 hours. Probably be relisted. If I wasn’t such a tight wad I would make an offer on it. 😎
  12. Beautiful 53 Special 4-door for sale by dealer on eBay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/1953-Buick-Other/143368500409 Dealer description calls the engine a “numbers matching” 320. Too bad about that. Otherwise looks like a great car.
  13. Before 1955 all Chevy 1/2-ton trucks had torque tube drive. I don’t know if any part of a Buick torque tube is compatible with a Chevy torque tube. Probably not. 😞
  14. Is there any reason to avoid a first year V8? If buying for a hot rod or custom. Were improvements or changes made in 54 or later that make a 53 less desirable? Hypothetical question really, as I’m reconsidering my A D Chevy Truck repower. The Buick “Nailhead” was designed narrow to fit the 53 frame which was initially designed for an inline engine. Same thing with the pre-55 Chevy trucks. Putting most V8s including a SBC in a A D truck requires doing something about the steering box. Thanks.
  15. The skirts aren’t so bad, I think. I could live with them. But that tail end. Yuk! I do love me some 4-door hardtops. Chevy called it a Sport Sedan. Nice car.
  16. What about a trailering story? In my introduction thread I told about the 1953 Special 4-door my folks bought in about 62 or 63. A couple of years later my aunt (mom’s sister) and uncle had a small mobile home - maybe 10’ x 40’ - they needed to move from southeast MO to a trailer park in one of the St Louis suburbs. About 160 miles. They used the old Buick. I remember the story and talked with my mom about it just today. She’s sure she has some pictures of that, and if we find them I will post one or more here.
  17. This reminds me of a scene from the movie The House of the Spirits There is a hearse entering a cemetery in Chile. Sometime in the late 50s. The hearse has a grille and general shape like a 53 Buick but with quad headlights. Made me wonder if some of the overseas Buick plants carried over older styling with minor updates.
  18. The top one is/was for sale at Rufus Ranch in Minnesota.
  19. Thanks for all responses. The length and weight, as well as front axle loading are serious concerns I know. Lots of figuring to do...
  20. I watched lots of YouTube videos of the races and it seems very exciting. It would be very cool to watch. Even cooler to participate. It’s not a middle class guys sport though.
  21. I wish I could read Spanish. Probably an interesting article.
  22. I know the Dynaflow is a sturdy trans. Very smooth. But I prefer a stick. Sourcing a pilot bushing, flywheel, clutch assembly and bell housing will probably be the hardest part. That’s why I mentioned the Flxible buses. But, I admit to having no firsthand knowledge... So I appreciate all responses. I floated this same idea on the HAMB and the Stovebolt Page with mixed reactions. At any rate, it will be some months before I attempt such a project. Life... happens. Thanks again.
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