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  1. This question, as most of the ones I ask are hypothetical as I don’t have a Buick... yet. 😉 Previously I posted my interest in repowering a Chevy A-D (47-55) Pickup with a Straight 8. I know some Flxible buses had 320 Buick 8’s with 4- and 5-speed manual transmissions. Anyone here familiar with or have any personal knowledge of these setups? Flywheel, clutch, pilot bushing, TO bearing, bell housing, etc? Thanks!
  2. I know the Hydramatic trans was used in some military applications (M135 trucks), but was the Dynaflow trans ever used in any? Really, how tough or strong is an early Dynaflow? Does anyone know the input torque rating? Would it be suitable for a light truck? Thanks.
  3. In 1964, my grandparents, who were in their late 40’s at the time, bought a new 64 Wildcat. It was a chocolate brown color with tan vinyl interior. Bucket seats with center console. Under the hood the breather cover read Wildcat 445. Man that car was big and fast. They kept it for five years and traded for a 69 Olds 98 Coupe.
  4. Man that’s a big Buick! Probably carry more passengers than the Suburban parked behind it. Two cool vehicles in this vintage photo.
  5. Can anyone read the license plate? Was this picture made in Mexico?
  6. My Mom used to say, “If you have nothing good to say, don’t say anything”. Too each his own, for sure. But those large diameter modern wheels and ultra-low profile tires look out of place on that Buick.
  7. Sad... I wonder what year the photograph was made? I don’t see anything from the 50’s. Most of them look like they could be driven away from there. Can’t save them all, I guess.
  8. The front Buick has 3 portholes. Special, right? The rear one is a 4-door hardtop and I think has 4 portholes. Roadmaster?
  9. Someone posted this picture on the Studebaker forums. One 55 Stude and two Buicks. I think one is a 57 and the other a 55. Correct?
  10. I guess I’m too dense to read that chart on buicks.net. I can’t see where the number 63271355 falls. Please explain. Thanks.
  11. Is that a Kaiser grille? Or a custom made one-off?
  12. A 46 4-speed trans will not be synchronized. Does it have a little lever next to the shift knob with a thin rod going down into the top of the trans? That’s a reverse lock out. That trans has straight cut gears and no synchronizers.
  13. Some cool cars there. And probably the newest ones were 10 years old or less when junked. Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Chevy, Plymouth, Ford, 2 cool Desotos and a red Chrysler. I wonder if it’s a 300? What is that light blue car in upper right corner?
  14. I see 11 Buicks. 1-40? 1-50 2-53 1-55 2-56 1-57 1-59 2-60 I’m not too sure about the 59/60s. How’d I do? They are all GM.
  15. Thanks for addressing my question, and sorry for hi jacking this thread.
  16. Maybe related or not; what was last year a standard transmission was available in a full-size Buick?
  17. The only Buick my wife and I have owned was a 2004 Rendezvous. Really one of the best vehicles we have owned.
  18. Revisiting this old thread. Nothing has happened relative to this “project” though much has happened in life. Including my wife’s retirement and selling out and moving from IL to Eastern TN. Renting a too-small place now with no extra space for another vehicle, or anything else. Moving from the Illini Prairie where the roads are laid out in a grid, to the edge of the Smoky Mountains where a straight or level road can’t be found, requires an adjustment. 😎 Someday...
  19. Thanks! Is there a difference in the parking lights?
  20. Thanks. 1953 Special. The last of the Straight 8’s. My family had one when I was a boy. With a Dynaflow. 1947 - 55 Advance-Design trucks. I’ve owned 3 of them in the past. As far as 51 and 52 Buicks; what features, trim, lights, etc are different? Particularly on Specials. Thanks.
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