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  1. The sellabus.com website has a few ads for Buick 320 engines and transmissions, but most are out of date. Or 1000’s miles from me. ☹️
  2. Thanks for all responses. I did a search for Dynaflow Cadillac and found some interesting discussions. Thanks.
  3. I suppose quite a bit has been written about the Hydramatic Plant Fire of 1953. http://www.autotran.us/TheGreatHydraMaticFire.html Most reports I have read state that some Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles were equipped with Dynaflow transmissions, and Pontiacs with Powerglides, until the new plant could be built and up to speed. Has anyone ever seen a Cadillac or Oldsmobile with a Dynaflow? I wonder how many were built, and how many may survived. Thanks!
  4. Not too old to learn something new. Please explain how that piece in the wheel hub can work as a radio static eliminator. Thanks.
  5. The gorgeous black car on the left is some model of Buick 8 that I saw at a little local car show today. Can you help identify? Thanks.
  6. Welcome Young Kid. 53 Specials are my favorite Buicks, as my family had one when I was a boy. I hope to get one someday. Also I lived in Central IL (Sullivan and Bethany) for 18 years. Been to Springfield many times.
  7. Here is the repair procedure for propeller shaft bushing/ seal from the shop manual. Most people call it the Okie bushing. No personal experience, sorry. I hope this is useful. http://chevy.oldcarmanualproject.com/shop/1948_51truck/51ctsm0405.htm
  8. Good luck with your project. Sounds like a lot of work. Maybe harder than repairing what you have... And a 2000 S10 is over 20 years old. It will be different for sure.
  9. ^^^^ 53 Special? Beautiful! I love that shade of green.
  10. Why doesn’t Dad have on a coat?
  11. Apparently no takers. Sounds like an interesting project. What was first year air conditioning was available in Buicks? How was that system designed? Could a vintage underdash unit be used? Are aftermarket kits or components available from any vendors of custom A/C systems? Such as Old Air or Vintage Air? Good luck.
  12. There’s an active contributor on the Studebaker Forums who goes by RadioRoy. He hails from Redwood City, CA. I don’t really know how to contact him... so, this may not be very useful. Sorry. Profile
  13. I see a 50 Buick, a 40 Chevy and a Nash Rambler.
  14. 1948 Super Convertible for sale at the Street Rod Nationals South in Knoxville, TN today. Price on sign: $45000. Sorry for the poor picture.
  15. Buick and Oldsmobile. Can you tell/guess what the other car is? Continental type doors. Could be a 40 Chevy, but might be too large for that.
  16. Nice smattering of mid-50’s American cars. I see 3, maybe 4 Buicks. 1 Packard, 1 Dodge, a Plymouth or two, 1 or 2 Olds, a couple of Chevy pickups and a bunch of Fords.
  17. Thanks. That’s a popular swap in old Chevy trucks to replace a tired 216 or 235. They are getting harder and harder to find though.
  18. Thanks! I went to the seller’s website (Sweden). 17 pictures and I translated the description into English. It identifies it as a Special. It’s a custom car with a 430-4 V8 and Automatic from a 67 Wildcat. A/C, PS, PB, stereo, etc. Sold. There seems to be a lot of American cars and trucks in Europe.
  19. Thanks for all responses. I saw this video on YouTube of a beautiful black 1950 Jetback 4-door somewhere in Europe. Is that a Roadmaster or Super? I wish they showed the engine. Thanks
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