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  1. Hi everyone all of your advice is very much appreciated.......But my partner has ties to Newport RI so Canada is not really in the game. As I said New England/ Rhode Island is where we wilL be based. So with respect we are getting a little off of the original topic.
  2. We are not looking to be Huge, maybe only one car at a time but normally we are involved in high end cars that you just can't buy anything for like Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrari etc, or one off cars wherwe the client just brings a rolling chassis to us so we can can design the body with the client's ideas in mind or sometimes they just leave it up to us. Follow these links to see a recently completed project for Bentley Motors https://www.instagram.com/p/B1Wu4-YD0xB/?igshid=qbe4v8nj1szg&fbclid=IwAR0D6hZWo4QNj8Ui0TgZY20gjuNY6iMHcV704nIMMZ_2lB_lMyqTskeb_2Qhttps://ww
  3. Hi Guys My business partner and I run a vintage and classic car restoration company in the UK (Ashley & James coacbuilding ) and are looking to start a permanent branch of our business in the U.S. in the New England area this year. We specialize in the manufacture of aluminium and steel bodywork from sheet metal, and also have experience in ash frame repair. we are also capable of making American hot rod bodies to your design, vintage aircraft panels, etc. The question is would the the U.S. Vintage, classic , Veteran and hotrod community find a use for our very unique and tradit
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