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  1. Hi make sure your headlight switch isn't overheating, that's a common problem with these type of switches. I converted mine to automatic headlights and used relays to power the headlights and taillights to take the load away from the switch. I have an extra kit with relays available if you're interested. Works great, no need to remember to pull out or push in the headlight switch any longer, it's all automatic just like the modern cars. See the attached pic for the kit I used.
  2. This is what I made for my wife's TC many years ago and it's still working.
  3. Hi yes the kit turn the lights off when you turn the key off and it's called Autolite light sensor. Here is a pic of the kit. I got it online.
  4. You are welcome. You will need to add two relays to the headlight circuit. One to control the headlights and the other for the taillights. The light switch as well as the Autolight kit will trigger these relays. This will also take the load off of the headlight switch which in these cars as well as many Chrysler vehicle with this type of switch will overheat and melt causing headlight failure.
  5. Hi I'm looking for the dash vent cover for my TC Do you still have it available. Thank you
  6. Hi there is a kit online called Autolight headlight sensor that turns your headlights on at night and off at daylight. I've install on my 91TC and it works great.
  7. What's the condition of the vent Grille cover on the dash I am looking for one thank you.
  8. Hi guys, in response to the Headlight posting, I did the relay upgrade to take the amp load off of the headlamp switch. I found a couple terminals that were starting to melt specifically terminal H and R, H for headlamp feed and R for taillights. I also found a kit online that allows automatic headlamp control without the need to pull out the switch. The kit is called Autolight Light Sensor if anybody is interested in installing one and I found it on ebay. I installed relays for both headlamp and taillights. The kit operate the coil side of the relays and turn on the lights based on the ambient light. There is also a switch that can turn it off if you do need it. This comes in handy when working on the car in the garage with the ignition on. Here is a pic of the kit and install.
  9. Hi is everything sold because I am looking for a good condition defroster vent dash cover as shown in your pic. Let me know if you have one still or where I can get one. Thanks.
  10. Hi guys, this is how I installed a 2 din radio in my wife's 91 TC.
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