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  1. sorry im a novice trying to sound smart only to look dumb its a 1929 Studebaker commander 6 I believe they called it the big 6 they made 3 different engibes for 3 different cars as best as I can tell
  2. does anyone know the torque specs for a gj6 head bolt? changing the head gasket and don't have a clue.also anyplace to buy said headbolts?? \
  3. I need the driverside door handle (interior) I have a 29 commander ill attach a pic
  4. im new however I have a complete windshield it has a crack through it but it is the complete frame 29 commander btw
  5. Hello my name is Randy white I recently purchased a 1929 Studebaker commander 6 its fully restored not chopped out. just seeing what alli is out here and hoping to gain insight
  6. I have 2 cars 1929 Studebaker and a 1930 model a we might be interested if the conditions are right . we reside near st louis
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