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  1. Help! I have a 1959 I.H. school bus that I've converted into a limo/party bus. Very cool bus indeed. The bus has vacuum assist brakes. Here's what I see under the hood. There are several tubes involved with this brake system and now I'm wondering if I need it to be so complicated because it looks like some of those tubes are part of a smog control system which this bus is exempt from having. Sorry, it's not the original motor. I think it's from a 60's I.H. vehicle. It's a 304 V8. There's check valves and pcv valves that are part of the smog system. There's also an oil bath air cleaner. So..... First of all, I'd love to get rid of that oil bath air cleaner but it looks like it's part of the brake system. One tube runs from a valve cover up to the air cleaner with a pvc valve inline. Not worrying about the smog part I should be able to eliminate that tube. Yes? No? Then there's another tube going from the air cleaner down to a very large vacuum tank for the brakes. I'm wondering why. It seems like it just taking old air from the vacuum tank and dumping it back into the air cleaner. So I'm thinking that air can just dump anywhere. If I can get rid of those two hoses then I can get rid of the oil bath air cleaner. Now, another tube runs from my intake manifold down to the big vacuum tank. I believe that is where the vacuum assist comes in. But that same tube goes into a small block that branches two smaller tubes to the dash; one for the vacuum assist windshield wipers and the other to the vacuum gauge. My wipers don't seem to work that well when I accelerate and I'm thinking that I can go straight into the intake manifold instead of that block. I may need a check valve if I do. So in the end, I want to get rid of any wanna be smog stuff on the engine, get rid of the oil bath air cleaner and lastly, make my windshield wipers work better. I hope I've explained this well enough. Thanks. ( I'm new here)