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  1. I'm looking for some rear fender for a 31 Plymouth PA. Looks there is some in the pictures. 41seven eight 30 0ne 1 63
  2. Does anyone have a picture of the running boards mount on the 31. Trying to put new running boards and something is right, had made of the old ones. Brackets don't seems to hang right. Bought a shop manual but it's no help. Thanks in advance John.
  3. These parts are in Missouri, just north of the 92 mile marker. Just east of Strafford which is just east of Springfield Missouri.
  4. Yeah would like to sale it all together. Thinking 4,000.00 for all of it.
  5. I do but I don't want remove from the column.
  6. Missouri at 92 mile marker of 44 just north of that. Stafford Mo. Just east of Springfield Missouri
  7. Are they bowed to fix the body,looks like the body has a curve to it.
  8. Yes I would like that. The measure would be real helpful. Thanks John
  9. These parts I removed from a 31 PA Couple to upgrade, been inside for the last 30 years. Motor has lower end redone crank and rods. Speedometer shows little over 60,000 miles. New brakes on the axles too. Wiring is new never used. Was on the road for 7 years I was told when I bought it. Letting the gauges go to but not the mounting plate. Strafford Mo.
  10. Yes I'm looking for that piece. I have th aprons and had new running boards made. Thanks.
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