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  1. Yet another chapter in the continuing Artillery Cap Saga.........You've probably seen my other posts already. It appears the Artillery wheels on my Dodge pickup are Plymouth car wheels. The only artillery cap I have that fits is a Plymouth. I have a pair of Dodge car caps and five Dodge truck caps and neither of them fit. The Plymouth cap fits perfectly and seems like it would stay put. So, I am looking for one or two or three or four Plymouth artillery caps, any condition. Actually poor condition would be preferable. I plan to remove the Plymouth skins and recover them with either a Dodge cap skin or a plain generic skin. The caps I need are 6 1/2" ID on the back ring and 8" overall ID on the cap. I will buy outright or trade for the other caps I have that I cannot use. Thanks!
  2. A friend of mine has finally built himself a place in the country. He is a serious Ford guy and is looking for a mid-30s Ford pickup or flatbed for a yard art piece. Rough and rusty is fine as long as it still looks like a truck. Have a trailer and will travel. Thanks!
  3. I have a set of 5 Dodge/Plymouth artillery wheel hubcaps for sale that I believe are the truck type caps. They measure 7.25" ID on the back ring and 9.5" OD on the cap outer edge. Four are nice driver quality caps, one has a gash, but is useable. My preference is to TRADE for the smaller car type caps, 7.25" OD on the back ring and 8.5" OD on the cap outer edge. I will sell for $75 each plus $25 shipping. $400 total for all five shipped.
  4. I have a set of four artillery wheels that I believe are 16", 10 hole 5 on 4 1/2" pattern for Dodge or Plymouth. They are not real pretty, but should clean up ok with some sandblasting. I've got $300 in them and would like to get that back. $300 if picked up in Davenport, FL or $400 shipped to US lower 48 address.
  5. I need a pair of window garnish moldings for the rear cargo area windows on a 50 Plymouth Suburban. Anybody have a parts car or know of one in a junkyard?
  6. Thanks for the info, cool stuff to know. I'm looking for caps now.
  7. I bought a set of 16" 10 hole Dodge artillery wheels this morning. Now to find hubcaps!
  8. I posted those pics just to give an idea of the style I am looking for. I'd prefer 16" as that is what I have now. I realize they are not correct for a 46, but they are Dodge and I have seen them installed on trucks later than they originally came on.
  9. Not sure what year, but my 46 WC has 16" rims, so same size would probably be best. Tires depends on what they are.
  10. Looking for four Dodge artillery wheels for a daily driver truck.
  11. I need my personal 50 Plymouth Suburban transported from Napa, CA to Davenport, FL anytime around mid to late May. Car does not run, but is a roller that steers. Reach me, Charlie at olddaddy@rustyhope.com or 863-557-9275. No brokers, owner/operator carriers only.
  12. the email is olddaddy@rustyhope.com
  13. I am interested, Google has me locked out for some reason. Can you email pics to ollddaddy@rustyhope.com?
  14. I appreciate all the replies, thanks to each of you. I am looking at a couple of frames and will be in touch when I know which one I want to buy. Again, thanks!!!
  15. Thanks for the reply and offer. What is your city/zip info for transport? Do you have pictures and a price?
  16. I am looking for a complete Dodge 1/2 ton up to 1.5 ton rolling chassis. Anything from about 1930 up to about 1947. I'm located near Orlando, FL, let me know your location.
  17. I just sent you a pm, interested as a father/daughter project.
  18. Looking for original survivor or clean original, not a hotrod. Prefer complete car, but will consider any reasonably complete car.
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