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  1. The engine was located at Exeter Scrap Metal in Rhode Island. Their number is 401-397-2737 They are open Mon-Sat from 8-4. If you call them, ask them to connect you to the scale house. The gal that works there is in charge of selling all the stuff that they take in for scrap, but put aside to resell. I think her name is Cindy. I doubt they would ship it so anyone interested would have to pay them somehow and then pick it up, or have someone pick it up for them. I think they would be willing to store it until it was picked up. Good Luck !
  2. I am not an antique car collector, but I recently saw an old REO engine sitting in a scrap yard local to me in Rhode Island. It is a 4 cylinder around 1917 vintage. It looks pretty complete and turns over. If anyone is interested, contact me an I will provide you with a contact number where it is located. They told me they were trying to get 500 for it, but apparently there was no interest so now they are taking offers on it.