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  1. What dirty, greasy mess 😂. Luckily I had a helper
  2. So this was the beginning of the process. Made a decent spot in the garage (wish I had a barn and a lift). My friends and I pulled the Nailhead out. Looking back I would've just pulled the hood right away but an "expert" told me I didn't need to. This was true but not worth the hassle. Fairly easy with enough hands to put it on and off. I had a little nest egg saved up and planned on spending 15k to do the updates I wanted. I got what I thought was a killer deal on the car at $4,900 so 20 all in for a very fun car seemed reasonable. I'm fairly frugal on my daily drivers (all 20ish years
  3. I believe it was Mr Earl that asked if I'd post about my project he saw on my Instagram (@55BuickSpecial). I'll post some pics and will add some commentary here and there. I know not everyone loves the LS in a Buick but it's what I wanted for this one. It's a sedan anyway and only had a half dead 264 in it so...
  4. You can go to a modern unit with this kit. I used it on mine and it has worked for me. https://www.battlebornbrakes.com/product-page/1955-buick-power-brake-conversion-dual-master-cylinder-booster-special-century/
  5. 1956century did you ever install this Grand Cherokee steering box?
  6. Brian, Did the kit work out for you other than the pulley? Did they provide a custom pitman arm? I’ve heard complaints about the bracket they use to mount the new box to the frame. Any luck with that?
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