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  1. Yes, Matt and I have spoken a few times actually!
  2. I'm not discouraged over it. In the end, I know the undertaking I am entering into. I did ask for any information regarding the places I could get parts and such. Lots of people have offered up what they "think" I should do with it. Everyone has been heard and replied to. No big deal. Yes he did inform me that is had a wooden body when we talked about it. I am not rushing into anything at the moment. It's going to be a long project.
  3. He bought it on a whim. There is nothing the the reason of this rhyme. In the end, it's what I want to do with the car. He has not invested anything into it nor has he offered any advice on what he would like seen done to it. As for riding in a car with no AC, been there done that. I know what that's like. If I continue to just restore it to close to original as possible, there will be no AC, if I continue on the path that the car is in. I'll think about adding an AC unit.
  4. Paint would be left to the body shop. As well as any major repairs. I don't weld, but I can replace body parts of course. I worked for GM for 13 years.
  5. I would do a majority of it myself. Some things I would not be able to do and would be handed off to the professionals. Most likely the upholstery parts and body work. Scott
  6. Thank you for that information Ed, I really appreciate it. My wife and I are in the discussion stages of what we're going to do with it regarding restoration. Scott
  7. I am planning to slide under it this weekend coming up so I can get a better look at what might have been replaced. Of course the warmer weather brought all the rain and now that the rain is gone, it's been in the low 20's...lol
  8. My father-in-law was not the person who made the modifications of the drive train/chassis.
  9. I already had that in the back of my mind. My father-in-law said he was was driving it when he first got it and it seemed to drive real nice, even took it out on the highway and got up to 70 mph. But yeah, once I can get under it and take a good look around, that is a priority!
  10. Well, it's not like I have $15,000 to $18,000 just laying around which is why I would take my time doing the restore. I'm all about resourceful. I've learned that from my beautiful wife!
  11. Most of the time from what I've heard, you don't ever get the money back you put in, and that's the least of my worries as I don't plan on selling it. I've got some time yet to really decide what I want to do with it, but still leaning towards the restoration.
  12. Billy, Appreciate the kind words. I agree on the parts car and the fact that for me\us, it's about the journey and not the value. I have unfinished business because when I had my 1970 Gran Sport, I never got to finish that one. The car is not leaving the family during my lifetime as I am committed to getting it going and restored then when the time comes, passing it down to my step son. I am not interested in selling it. Many people won't agree with this, and to them I say, thank you for the advice, but it's what I want to do. Could I buy one that needs no restoration, sure. I could figure out how to make that happen but it's not as satisfying as when you recreate something yourself. JMHO
  13. Couldn't agree more on both accounts.
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